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I think this bill takes care of many of the fundamental issues we've been encumbered with as a Province and puts a massive dent in the NYT's hopes of continuing to call us the "Wild West." I'm split on the public funding of parties. I think a standard funding model favours the governing / popular parties and leaves independents and smaller parties further behind, which moved first past the post even further from a shot a proportional representation of some kind. That's a problem, but one I can live with for one term (only) given the pros of the current bill.

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Thank you for your encouragement David! I agree independents should be more supported. The 50% campaign reimbursement included in the bill can make this possible! The initiative is designed to make running for MLA more accessible to everyone! This way candidates can compete with others from big parties while transitioning away from corporate and union donations.


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    Of note, the email sign-up process was convoluted so I’m glad I copied this message before clicking the button that most closely resembled the “Submit” button. I’d not have responded if that had been lost.
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