Internal party elections

Internal party elections

For our 2021 AGM, there are six internal party positions available for Provincial Council members and one Ombud.

Provincial Council is the elected volunteer body responsible for the governance of the BC Green Party. As a governance board, the Provincial Council provides broad strategic direction and high-level goals for the Party and oversight of party operations and finances. It is a critical role in the healthy operation of our party and its success in the legislature and elections. Being part of the BC Greens' Provincial Council gives you an opportunity to take a leadership role while utilizing your skills in a meaningful way.

The Provincial Council is made up of private sector and non-profit professionals and community representatives who care about the future of BC and want to have a positive impact. In order to meet the challenges and effectively lead this dynamic organization, we are looking for candidates who have the skills, experience and knowledge to help with our high-level strategic planning and governance. Previous Board experience is not required, although an asset. 

The Ombuds are there for our members should they wish to lodge a complaint against any member(s) or committee(s) of the Party's Provincial Council, candidates, staff members, riding association executives or at-large members whom they believe to be in violation of the BC Green Party's Constitution, Bylaws or Rules, its Code of Ethics or Representative Code of Conduct.

Please note, these are volunteer positions. 

There are currently six open Provincial Council positions for 2021-2023 (2-year term) which include:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Councillor-at-Large
  • Regional Councillor-at-Large - Fraser Valley-Surrey 
  • Regional Councillor-at-Large - Okanagan-Kootenays
  • Regional Councillor-at-Large - Vancouver
  • Ombud (Male/non-binary)

Members may only apply to be a candidate for one position per election.

Election Rules

The BC Green Party is governed by its Constitution, Bylaws, the BC Societies Act, and by the decisions taken or rules approved by the Provincial Council from time to time as per Section 12 of the Bylaws.

Provincial Council determined that for the 2022 AGM members will vote using a preferential ballot where they rank their preferred candidates. On the ballot there will be a none-of-the-above option, consequently, all positions will be voted upon by members and no candidate will be acclaimed.  The Election Rules are now available here.

Voting is open from Tuesday, November 8 to Monday, November 21. We have extended the voting period to allow our members greater opportunity to cast their ballot.

If you are unable to vote online due to a technology barrier, such as not having a unique email address, please email [email protected].

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