Candidate and Campaign Training Schedule

Are you interested in becoming a BC Green Candidate, or passionate about helping elect more Greens in your area. Join one of our upcoming training sessions to learn more about what goes into a local campaign, the tools, and the next steps you can take to becoming a Green Candidate or campaigner!

Candidate Training Sessions

Telling Your Story - Messaging 1 

  • Telling voters a story about why you are the right candidate at the right time, in an effort to get them to vote, volunteer, donate or take action to support is complicated and critical to your success. This session will introduce a framework for telling your story.
  • February 9th 6-7 PM

Giving a Speech - Comms 1 

  • Giving speeches of different lengths to different audiences is a task done on a daily basis by candidates. You’ll come away from this session knowing how to give a short, medium and longer speech in a way that captures attention and reinforces a consistent message.
  • February 16th 6-7 PM

What is an MLA? - Winning the Next Election 1

  • Join BC Green MLA Adam Olsen virtually for this latest installment of the Winning the Next Election Series. In this session, Adam will dive into what the role of an MLA entails, both in representing communities and as a legislator in Victoria. 

    Explore what differentiates Green MLAs from status-quo politics as this session aims to equip you with some of the tools and knowledge to prepare you for the campaign trail. 

  • February 21st 6-7 PM

Policy - Climate

  • Learn more about our climate policy and how to communicate these policies to voters.
  • March 2nd 6-7 PM

Interviewing Successfully & Media Relations - Comms 2 

  • When your campaign started to develop credibility, you’ll find local reporters and organisations will increasingly want to come to you for your opinion on issues being raised during the election. Knowing how to interview in a way that reinforces your story, message and BC Green brand will attract people to your team.
  • March 9th 6-7 PM

Campaign Message Box - Messaging 2 

  • A message box is a tool used by political and communications experts around the world, it’s a way of planning what you want to say about yourself, what you want to say about your opponents, and preparing for what you think your opponents will say about you and each other. 
  • March 16th 6-7 PM

Debate Prep - Winning the Next Election 2

  • Join MLA Adam Olsen for this year's second session of the Winning the Next Election Series. In this session Adam will cover the fundamentals of preparing for debates on the campaign trail.
  • March 21st 6-7 PM

Debates - Messaging 3 

  • Almost every local campaign will feature a debate, whether it’s organised by the Chamber of Commerce or the local dog walking community group. Debates are about more than just having the best ideas, they are about communicating those ideas in a way that captures the attention of the people in the room and generates content that your team can use to get the attention of people not at the debate. 
  • March 30th 6-7 PM

Policy - Healthcare

  • Learn more about our healthcare policy and how to communicate these policies to voters.
  • April 6th 6-7 PM

Campaign Overview 

  • Understanding what a campaign team does, how successful Green campaigns have been built in the past, how campaign culture is created, and what expectations there are of candidate behaviour are topics that this session will clarify and demystify. 
  • April 13th 6-7 PM

Canvassing and Difficult Public Interactions - Winning the Next Election 3

  • Join Adam for our third session in the Winning the Next Election Series. Adam will be sharing knowledge about his experiences canvassing, how to get the most out of it, and how to strive for safety and mutual respect in difficult public interactions.
  • April 18th 6-7 PM

Introduction to BC Green Party Branding 

  • Join our Marketing Manager Lindsay O'Donnell for an introduction to BC Green Party branding.
  • April 19th 6-7 PM

Policy - Housing 

  • Learn more about our housing policy and how to communicate these policies to voters.
  • April 27th 6-7 PM

Campaign Team Overview 

  • Campaign Teams can be put together in very different ways for different sizes of campaigns and in a way that plays to the strengths of the people who are most committed and available to support you. This session will review core tasks, and examples of structures that have been used on previous campaigns.
  • May 4th 6-7 PM

Campaigns and Identity 

  • Recognizing that we will all experience campaigns differently, and that people with different identities are treated very differently as candidates is something we want you to be prepared for as a candidate. The online and in-person experience of a person who identifies as Female, Male, LGBTQ, Immigrant, Senior, Youth, Differently Abled, White or BIPOC are very different from each other, and discussing how to prepare for experiencing those differences yourself, either directly or as an ally and team member, will help us to shape not just a better time being a candidate, but a better culture as a party. 
  • May 11th 6-7 PM

Building a Campaign Team - Winning the Next Election 4

  • So you're ready to throw your name in as a BC Green candidate in your community, but not sure how you're going to do it all yourself? Join Adam in this fourth session of the Winning the Next Election Series where he will provide insight into strategies aimed at building a team of committed volunteers behind you that will fill out the team needed to get you elected!
  • May 16th 6-7pm

Campaign Training Sessions

Campaign 101

  • Audience: All Volunteers
  • This session will cover the very basics of what a campaign looks like, how to start one with a small team, goal setting, a review of how Greens have won in the past, and what principles you should use to decide what activities your campaign takes on
  • February 13th 6-7 PM
  • April 20th 6-7 PM

Campaign 102

  • Audience: All volunteers, campaign team members
  • This session will build off Campaign 101, adding examples of campaign team structure, how a campaign grows over time, the types of  factors you should include in decisions about how to allocate resources, and sample “day in the life” of a candidate, campaign team leader and campaign volunteer
  • February 23rd 6-7 PM
  • April 25th 6-7 PM

Volunteer Management

  • This session will cover best practices for successfully managing a team of volunteers through a campaign. Join us for this session for insights into recruiting and retaining volunteers, creating a safe and fun environment, defining the engagement ladder, and how to successfully progress volunteers through the engagement ladder. 
  • February 27th 6-7 PM
  • May 2nd 6-7 PM

Planning an Event

  • This session will provide a basic overview of planning and executing events for your campaign. Covered topics will include, picking a day, time, and location for your event, event promotion, resources to have at every event and the fundamental Do’s and Dont’s of event planning.
  • March 6th 6-7 PM

Canvassing and Voter Conversations

  • Join our team for this campaign training session as we cover how to use Gvote for leading a door-to-door canvass or mainstreeting event, training volunteers to have conversations with voters, and how to record and input voter conversation data.
  • March 28th 6-7 PM

Digital Organizing and Social Media

  • This session will cover the key basics to establishing and growing the social organizing components of your campaign. How to get the most out of your social presence without letting it become a less than helpful distraction.  
  • April 4th 6-7 PM

Campaign Budgets and Finance Compliance

  • Tune in for this session as we cover the basics of establishing and maintaining a budget for your campaign. How to prioritize your funds, as well as ensure you are operating within the compliance requirements of Elections BC during and after your campaign.
  • April 10th 6-7 PM
  • May 23rd 6-7 PM


  • Join our team for this session as we cover the roles of central and local campaigns in fundraising, tricks for effective phone call and event fundraising, and utilizing Gvote to kickstart your fundraising campaigns. 
  • May 8th 6-7 PM

Community Relationships

  • Identifying and building relationships in a way that leads to long term capacity building and establishing credibility will be covered in this session - starting with identifying individuals and groups that your team already has connections with, who in the community you should build relationships, and how to show up in a way that demonstrated listening and curiosity over asking for support. 
  • May 18th 6-7 PM



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