Strategically Green

Thank you for supporting the Greens! Registration is now closed.

Why should you be there?

Connect with Green movers and shakers

You’ll be in good company with Interim Leader Adam Olsen, MLA and Deputy Leader Andrew Weaver and federal Leader Elizabeth May. Plus, meet:
  • Pete Fry, candidate for the by-election in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant
  • New Executive Director, Jessica McIlroy
  • Federal Green candidates
  • Greens from the US and across Canada

Shape a better future for BC

From education to energy and the new economy, we're prioritizing evidence-based decision-making and a collaborative approach. Bring this knowledge back to your community and help shape the province of the future.

Improve your campaign and organizing skills

You’ll learn how to run an effective ground game and “get out the vote” (GOTV), as well as how to build communities that nurture leadership and relationship-building. Soak up knowledge from the people behind our most successful campaigns.

Download a PDF of the Conference program here.



Thurs. May 21

Included in the 4-day package
Included in the 2-day package
Campaigning to win
Economics for people, planet and profit
Rebooting policy development
This event is by-donation and open to everyone
Documentary evening with Paul Manly

Fri. May 22

Included in the 4-day package
Included in the 2-day package
Experts need not apply: Communications and political organizing
Food and farming in the new economy
Included in the 4-day package
Included in the 2-day package
Opening banquet and celebration

Sat. May 23

Included in the 4-day package
Included in the 2-day package
Seizing the opportunity
Included in the 4-day package
Included in the 2-day package
Luncheon and keynote with Elizabeth
This event is free and for members only
BC Green Party AGM
Included in the 4-day package
Included in the 2-day package
Buffet, exclusive screening of Running on Climate, keynote with Andrew Weaver and pledge auction

Sun. May 24

This event is by-donation and open to everyone
Joint provincial-federal rally


Thurs. May 21

Workshop: Economics for People, Planet & Profit, 9am-4pm (lunch incl.)

Workshop: Campaigning to Win, 9am-4pm (lunch incl.)

Workshop: Rebooting Policy Development, 2-6pm

Special event: Documentary Evening with Paul Manly, 7-10pm

Fri. May 22

Workshop: Food and Farming in the New Economy, 9am-4pm (lunch incl.)

Workshop: Experts Need Not Apply: Communications & Political Organizing, 9am-4pm (lunch incl.)

Plenary: Opening Banquet & Celebration, 7-10pm (dinner incl.)

Sat. May 23

Plenary: Seizing the Opportunity, 8am-11am

Keynote: Greening Politics with Elizabeth May, 11:30am-1pm (lunch incl.)

Plenary: BC Green Party AGM, 2-5pm

Keynote: The Road to 2017 with Andrew Weaver, 6-10pm (dinner incl.)

Sun. May 24

Special event: Joint Provincial-Federal Green Party Rally, 2-4pm


The 2015 BC Greens Conference takes place along Nanaimo's harbour front at the Coast Bastion Hotel (Thursday, Friday) and Vancouver Island Conference Centre (Saturday). Sunday's rally takes place at Maffeo Sutton Park along the harbour walkway.


Sponsored accommodation is provided by the Coast Bastion Hotel on Nanaimo's Inner Harbour. The Coast Bastion Hotel is a convenient location for conference and AGM attendees, with all events on Thursday, Friday and Sunday taking place in conference facilities inside the hotel. Saturday's events take place at the adjoined Vancouver Island Conference Centre. Click here for more information.

Contact us

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about registering, the itinerary, or anything else. You can reach us by:

  • Phone: 1-888-473-3686
  • Email:

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