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Platform 2017

Over the coming weeks, we will be unveiling platform planks to put our province back in the hands of British Columbians, not lobbyists, corporations or special interests. Check back regularly as new platform commitments are announced and added.

A business environment for the new economy
Growing sustainable enterprises in BC
Encouraging emerging opportunities

The economy will be a major issue in the 2017 B.C. provincial election, with the incumbent B.C Liberal government running primarily on the strength of the province’s economic performance. However, the B.C. Liberal’s measures of success — GDP growth and job creation — paint an incomplete economic picture. It ignores that GDP growth has been driven by a red-hot, but limited housing market, that the benefits of this growth have primarily gone to the already-wealthy, and that the jobs that have been created are frequently part-time, insecure and unevenly distributed throughout the province.

Lobbying reform
Electoral finance reform

British Columbia has been internationally characterized as the “wild west” of modern democracies for its lax, ineffective and inexistent regulations relating to the influence of special interests on government. The BC Green Party believes that government must be free from potential conflicts of interest, which undermine its duty to represent the people of British Columbia. At the heart of this issue is the role of government and its fundamental accountability to voters. The following platform commitments outline the BC Green Party’s initiatives to protect the government of BC from the corrupting influence of special interests and “big money”.

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