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It's time to start winning! For the sake of the planet, help elect Greens in British Columbia.

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It's time to start winning! Click here to donate to the Green Party of British Columbia's campaign to elect Greens to our legislature and start winning the battle against climate change.

“British Columbia is actually one of the most crucial places on the planet going into the next 10 years as we figure out how we're going to try and staunch the flow of carbon into the atmosphere. You guys will potentially play a tremendously outsized role. You have enormous leverage to bring to bear on the most important problem that human beings have ever faced.”

-Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, at the University of British Columbia, Nov. 2011

This spring, British Columbia is heading into an election that will have repercussions not just for this province, but for the entire planet.

Why? Because, as Bill McKibben says above, British Columbia is on the very front lines of the global battle against climate change, and the leaders we elect to our legislature will play an important role in determining whether we win or lose that battle - not as a province, but as a planet.

We are asking you to help us win this battle by donating to our campaign.

Here’s why:

The world’s largest oil companies, backed by the governments of Canada and China, are desperate to get oil from the land-locked tar sands in neighbouring Alberta - the world’s dirtiest energy project - to global markets. Their plans would unleash the planet’s second-biggest carbon bomb into the atmosphere, pushing the world’s climate towards the point of no return.

Due to powerful opposition to pipeline proposals in the United States, oil companies have turned their attention towards British Columbia. BC is now faced with two proposals for the construction of pipelines carrying tar sands crude across pristine and fragile rainforests, salmon-bearing streams, and the unceded lands of indigenous First Nations to the Pacific Coast. There, it would be loaded onto the world’s largest oil tankers and transported hundreds of kilometers through treacherous coastal narrows on its way to markets in Asia and California.

Ordinary British Columbians, together with the First Nations whose traditional lands the pipelines threaten, are opposed to these destructive projects. So far, however, our governments have failed to take a stand against the fossil fuel companies.

On top of that, the current government of British Columbia, in a narrow-sighted attempt to “create jobs” in the short term, is promoting the wholesale extraction of natural gas throughout northern British Columbia by a destructive process known as “fracking, so it can then be liquified using enormous quantities of hydroelectric electricity and loaded onto more tankers bound for overseas markets.


Meanwhile, the port authority for Metro Vancouver on the BC coast has plans to turn Vancouver into the largest coal exporting port in North America.

Tar sands. Pipelines. Tankers. Fracking. Coal. Add them all up, and British Columbia is on its way to becoming the scene of some of the dirtiest and most destructive energy projects in the world, causing irreparable harm here and pushing the global climate towards the point of no return.



Bill McKibben, author, founder of 350.org and the world’s leading climate activist, summed up the situation in a public address at the University of British Columbia in November, 2011:

“If you don't manage to block these things... British Columbia is going to be the jumping-off point for an ungodly share of the planet's carbon. You're going to be [...] one of the main staging grounds for global warming - a platform for heating the planet."


People like you are all that’s standing in the way of this dismal future. Please help us make that stand by donating to our campaign.

The situation is dire, but there is hope. On May 14th, British Columbians go to the polls to elect their next government. Who they elect to our legislature will determine whether or not Bill’s worst fears become a reality. Under our constitution, we can stop these destructive projects and work to make British Columbia a leader in renewable energy and generative, forward-thinking economic policies instead - a positive example for the world.

The Green Party of British Columbia, North America’s oldest Green party at 30 years old, is the only party in British Columbia to take an unequivocal stance against the pipelines, fracking and the ramping up of coal exports.

Due to our archaic first-past-the-post, winner-take-all electoral system, Greens have never before been elected to the BC legislature, despite some of the highest levels of popular support among Green parties in the world.

This time, however, it is more important than ever that Greens be elected to our legislature to speak with a strong voice against destructive fossil fuel projects and for positive and intelligent alternatives. All we need is a handful of seats to keep the next government of our province accountable. We will remind them every day that their decisions affect not only British Columbia, but the future livability of the planetPlease donate to our campaign today.

This election could be our last chance before we are locked into a devastating series of developments designed to maintain and grow the world’s addiction to fossil fuels.

It’s time to start winning - British Columbia is where it starts. We are asking you to support this campaign with whatever is in your means - $4, $44 or $444 - to help us with our efforts to elect at least 4 Greens to the BC legislature. Why 4? Because with 4 elected members, the Green Party of BC will attain official party status in the legislature, giving us a stronger voice and access to additional resources so that we can stand up for the health and future of our province and of our planet.

We have strong, committed, knowledgeable and energetic candidates, high levels of support, and an excellent shot at winning. But winning campaigns cost money, and we need your help.

Please give what you can; residents of British Columbia are eligible for a provincial tax credit of 75% on the first $100, 50% of the next $450, and 33.3% of the next $600. This means that your contribution can end up costing you as little as 25% of the amount that you give!

Use the form below to contribute to this campaign using your credit card. Don't have a credit card? Send your contribution by cheque to: 

Green Party of BC
PO Box 8088, STN Central
Victoria, BC V8W 3R7

Mark your cheque with "Crowdfunding" in the memo, and we'll add your donation to this campaign! 

Want to do even more? Share this campaign with your friends and networks - anyone you know who cares about the fate of our planet and our descendents.   

From us, and from the Earth: Thank you!