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Simon Rear

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Raised in B.C., and introduced to hiking and camping at a young age, Simon Rear developed an early appreciation for the beauty and importance of the environment, and the degree to which individual choices and the policies of government can impact it. This fostered a passion for many causes, including ecological responsibility and sustainability, electoral reform, peace, cultural and racial diversity, gender equality, and social justice as a whole. These beliefs, combined with a growing frustration with systemic problems with historical political parties and government, motivated Simon to become a candidate for the B.C. Green Party for the 2017 election, and dedicate himself to serving the public.

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About Simon

Simon has an extensive background in politics and governance, having been elected to positions in both business and student union executive boards. He has been actively involved in Green Party initiatives. Simon's professional background includes working with B.C. First Nations, and he has been responsible for research, event planning, and increasing awareness of and participation in voting rights in remote communities.

Simon has earned a degree in both Philosophy and Humanities, and hopes to use his specialisation in ethics to serve the community by contributing to proactive policy development, while maintaining the integrity and respect that is integral to good governance. He has attended law school, which provided an understanding of legislative processes and the tools needed to develop robust policies and practices.

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