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Richard Warrington

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As a democratic person, I believe in freedom of choice. I want to provide the opportunity to vote B.C. Green. My main focus is to get the Green message - which I believe to be the best one - out for discussion. We all know what the problems are but somehow all the debate doesn't seem to be getting us closer to solutions. We need to get back to the real role of government, making rational decisions for long-term stability. I see a need for collaboration and cooperation and I sense a strong willingness among people to get involved. I want to be a part of the change in the way we do things.

About Richard

Richard Warrington emigrated from England to Canada with his parents. He grew up in a family of eight children and spent most of his childhood in Victoria before he and his family moved to Vancouver, where he spent 10 years living and working on the North Shore.

After graduating from secondary school, Richard started as a bank officer trainee with CIBC, remaining with them for 10 years before deciding on a career change. Richard took a break to travel before starting his studies, and along the way met a Danish girl, married and had two children. Richard subsequently studied education and business in Denmark and taught school there for a number of years.

With his children in university Richard returned to Canada more than 4 years ago to marry Tricia, spend time with his elderly parents, and to settle back on the North Shore.

During his time in Denmark Richard experienced the impact that a socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible government could have on society. This had a profound influence on his perspective. Since his return to Canada he has been active with the Green Party and ran in the last provincial election. With a broad background of experience in business, family and social arenas, Richard feels he is able to offer something positive as a candidate for the BC Greens.

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