Allow "lane filtering" by motorcyclists on BC roads when surrounding traffic is stopped

Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider rides slowly alongside vehicles that have stopped, such as in heavy gridlock traffic, in order to filter (advance) to the front of the group. In many parts of the world (e.g. the UK, Europe, Asia, NSW in Australia, California) lane filtering is legal and normal. Recently, lane splitting bills have been introduced in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. Benefits of lane filtering include: encouraging commuters to drive smaller, less GHG-emitting vehicles (i.e. motorcycles or scooters) by letting them get to their destination faster than they would in a car; reducing the risk of a motorcyclist getting rear-ended when stopped (a serious risk in stop-and-go traffic); and making more efficient use of the road, potentially mitigating the need to widen some roads.


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