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Prior to entering politics, Yvonne Prest, born and raised in Victoria, graduated with Distinction from the University of Victoria and set her sights on the East Kootenays. For the past six years Ms. Prest has been working as a secondary school teacher for School District #5.

Ms. Prest’s passion for learning began in the public education system of Victoria. Throughout the French immersion elementary and secondary programs, she excelled. Often earning academic achievement awards, passport funds to education and medals of distinction. For Ms. Prest, each day at school was an opportunity. Classrooms were a place where she was given time to engage with her teachers and peers, share thoughts and grow into an active citizen of the world. Today, she wants her students to love their school; their successes reflect her purpose.

Ms. Prest’s journey of learning continued to the University of Victoria where she studied history, literature and poetry graduating in 2011. Her professors inspired her to seek further learning abroad. Her time circulating museums, art galleries and cobble stone streets, older than her own country, allowed her to understand how large and diverse the world can be. Experiences in over thirty countries has shaped Ms. Prest into an open-minded individual. Traveling and living abroad has given Ms. Prest a unique eye into not only global issues but global solutions. There is always more than one way to solve a problem. Ms. Prest believes in collaboration; great ideas are worth sharing. 

Another formative education abroad was Ms. Prest’s volunteer experiences with CISV: Children International Summer Villages. CISV believes that youth can become social justice activists by building global friendships. Ms. Prest was chosen as a delegation leader, three times, and took participants to Norway, Brazil and Germany to actively engage in uniting nations. These intense cultural camps awakened Ms. Prest’s knowing of community as an active engagement rather than a legislation. Her newfound CISV skillset has molded her into not only a leader, but an active participant in change. 

Upon graduation from UVIC, she was called to the mountains. Since 2011 she has had the privilege of working as a secondary public school teacher. Ms. Prest adores her work. Her colleagues inspire her, her students drive her and her work pushes her to consistently excel. If one is not moving forward than they’re just standing still.

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