Youth perceptions of government/politics




  • No point in voting.
  • Government is made up of established elites.
  • Sense of apathy, helplessness, disconnect and disenfranchisement, and the idea that  my vote makes no difference.
  • Politicians are focused on election cycles, not long-term issues facing youth.
  • Youth don’t understand politics.
  • No point in voting.
    • Government is difficult to access, slow moving, no real change
  • Politics is a joke:
    • Full of old white men that don’t listen
    • Dominated by a different generation — youth don’t feel included or like their voices are heard and therefore don’t feel connected
    • Government is made up of established elites
    • For older, more experienced people
  • Apathy, helplessness, disconnect and disenfranchisement:
    • My vote makes no difference
    • Politicians focused on election cycle, not long term issues facing youth.
    • Most candidates are older. Issues do not affect them in the same way that younger people will be impacted
    • Different priorities
  • Politics is too competitive — “ I shouldn’t get involved.”
  • Unique challenges for youth in rural BC to get involved.
    • Ex. Lack of gathering places, physical distance, lack of transit, alienation from urban centre.
  • Youth don’t understand politics
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