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Workshop descriptions

Practical policy-making

Policy and platform

Reena Meijer-Drees, Policy Chair

BC Green Party policies are always evolving. This workshop is one of many opportunities you will have throughout the year to discuss and debate revisions to our policy manual. You will help our policy committee identify gaps and areas for improvement in BC Green Policy, the official document that shapes BC Green election platforms and legislative decisions.

A Vision for BC 2050

Policy and platform

Liz Lilly, Platform Director

What will housing, education, childcare, social services, and resource development look like in 30 years? In this workshop, you will contribute to the BC Green Party’s vision for BC’s new economy and inter-generational equity. Refining this vision is an essential step towards forming the first BC Green Party government.

Engagement organizing

Prop. rep. campaign

Cameron Butt, Engagement Director

This year’s referendum on Proportional Representation is a major turning point for British Columbia. To lock in this new era of politics, BC Greens are levelling up our grassroots organizing program. Get a full update on the tools and resources that are available now, learn how you and other BC Greens can contribute to the Yes PR campaign, and share your organizing ideas for next three, six, and twelve months.

Supporting the air game

Prop. rep. campaign

Stefan Jonsson, Communications Director

How can you contribute to the party's communications efforts during the Proportional Representation campaign? It will go hand-in-hand with our on-the-ground efforts to reach people and convince them of the benefits of proportional representation. Work with Communications Director Stefan Jonsson to identify these opportunities and make a plan for air-game support.

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