Wild salmon and UNDRIP

Yesterday, the Minister of Agriculture’s Advisory Council released a report with recommendations for managing aquaculture and BC’s wild salmon stocks. The advisory council concluded "that fish farm companies be required to have agreements in place with local First Nations before the province approves any new or replacement tenures" (CBC News).

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Our MLAs have stated they want "the government will not renew the tenures based on the report's recommendations and urges the government to adopt the other recommendations without delay" (CBC News)

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A group of more than 50 BC chefs also released a letter yesterday to Minister Doug Donaldson (Forests, Lands, Natural resources and Rural development) and Minister Lana Popham (Agriculture) calling for the end to open pen-net fish farms.

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BC Green Spokesperson for wild salmon Adam Olsen issued a statement in support of the Chefs, noting that wild salmon are of irreplaceable economic and cultural importance to our province. The evidence is clear that open net-pen farms in migratory routes, such as in the Broughton Archipelago, pose significant risks to wild salmon populations.

As stated by Adam, “First Nations have been sounding the alarm about the need to protect wild salmon stocks. The call from these chefs today underscores how valuable this species is to our economy and to our local cultures throughout the province.”

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