What is Proportional Representation?

What is Proportional Representation?

Proportional Representation is a way of electing our MLAs to the legislature so that every vote counts. With Proportional Representation, a party’s share of the seats in the legislature is determined by how many votes it received in the last election.

Under our current First-Past-the-Post electoral system, the province usually ends up being run by a single political party, because our votes don't count equally. That's too much power for any one party to have when British Columbians didn't vote for it.

Gives everyone a voice


Representation for your riding


Representation of your values
and party preferences

Protects our democracy


The power of each political party
is limited to their overall election results

Produces better laws

Political parties work together to develop
policies that represent the views of a
majority of British Columbians.


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