Why are non-members allowed to vote?


Many people nowadays want to be engaged in political processes (such as a leadership contest), but choose not to become a member of a political party. For example, many people see membership in a political party as an outdated form of political engagement. Others cannot be members of a political party because their jobs require them to remain publicly non-partisan.

Still others may be open to joining a political party as a member, but first want to see how the political process works and if there is a fit with our party and new leader. Enfranchising British Columbians who want to support a leadership candidate that aligns with their values is a way for them to "get their feet wet" in our democratic processes.

We are an open, inclusive party founded on a core principle of participatory democracy. We believe we should be taking down barriers to political engagement, and allowing non-members to vote is one way we can do that.

Registering non-members to voter is also a way for the party to grow its support base and interest new folks in our work.

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