What is a leadership contest?


A leadership contest is an election to choose the leader of a political party.

It is designed and administered by the political party itself, but must be compliant with certain rules determined by BC’s Election Act, such as the annual donation limit for individuals.

The party decides rules such as the date and length of the contest, how votes will be cast and what voting system will be used. The party also determines who is eligible to run as a candidate for leadership.

Here are some quick facts about the BC Green Party’s 2020 leadership contest:

  • Expanded voter base to include those aged 16 and up who wish to support a candidate but do not wish to become a party member. Full membership in the party is already free for youth aged 25 and younger.
  • The spending limit for each candidate is $300,000, excluding fees paid to the party.
  • Three debates will take place after April 30. A debate will be held in each of the following regions: (1) Vancouver Island, (2) Lower Mainland, (3) Interior/North.
  • Voting will take place from June 15-26 primarily online, with a secure telephone option for those without access to the internet. The party will use ranked ballots for a contest of three or more candidates, or first-past-the-post for a contest of two.
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