What happens after the referendum?


If over half of all referendum voters vote "yes" then British Columbia will have a proportional system for its next election. The second part of the ballot will determine which system that will be.

The referendum is binding, so in the event of a “yes” vote, an all-party committee of MLAs will get to work on implementing the details of the new system, which will eventually be voted on by all MLAs. No one party will have a majority on this committee or in the Legislature, so the MLAs will have to work together. Elections B.C., an independent body, will be tasked with further details, including convening an Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC). The EBC will consult with communities as it creates our new electoral boundaries under a system of proportional representation.

After two election cycles, B.C. will hold a second referendum so that voters can decide whether they like the new system, or want to return to FPTP.

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