What are the two questions in the referendum?


The referendum has two questions. You can choose to answer both questions, or only answer one of them and your vote will still be counted. 

The first question is if we want to change our system to be a proportional system or stay with the current first-past-the-post system.

The second question is optional and lists three possible systems of proportional representation that B.C. could use. You have the option to rank the systems in order of preference, vote for just one, rank two of the systems, or leave this portion blank.

All of the systems on the ballot are proportional and will lead to a legislature that better reflects the will of the voters than our current system. One of the systems, MMP, is used widely in countries like New Zealand and Germany. One system, rural-urban, combines MMP (rural) and STV (urban). STV is a system used in countries like Australia (Senate) and the European Union. The final system, Dual-Member Proportional, is a made-in-Canada system that reflects our unique geography and demographics. Check out this video from CBC for an explanation of how the three systems on the ballot work.

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