Wendy Hayko nominated as candidate for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

May 26, 2023

VANCOUVER B.C. – Members of the B.C. Green Party in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant have selected Wendy Hayko as the party’s candidate for the riding’s upcoming by-election. Wendy Hayko, an emergency management expert, received 70% of the vote, while Leona Brown, an Indigenous cultural facilitator, coordinator, consultant and advisor, received 26%, with 4% going to “None of the above”.

Hayko and Brown spent the last two weeks campaigning for the nomination, including participation in two meet and greets and an online debate.

“I am thrilled to congratulate Wendy on her nomination as our B.C. Green candidate for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant,” B.C. Green leader Sonia Furstenau said. “I also want to express my sincere gratitude to Leona for putting her name forward and advocating for the issues that matter most to this community.

“Wendy is a fierce advocate for emergency preparedness and response, which includes the climate emergency and health emergencies like the toxic drug crisis, as well as housing affordability and the elimination of poverty. Nearly everyone in this riding is touched in some way by these issues, and they have an incredible champion in Wendy.”

“It is an honour to be selected by B.C. Green Party members as their candidate for the by-election coming up,” Hayko added. “I want to thank all the volunteers who have run this nomination contest and put in the groundwork for a successful campaign that starts right now. 

“The B.C. NDP government has not responded to the housing crisis, toxic drug crisis, healthcare crisis, and climate crisis with the vision and urgency that is needed. While this by-election won’t have an effect on who is in government, it will determine who advocates for the people of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant to that government. I have seen the work of Sonia Furstenau and Adam Olsen in the legislature, and they are the type of heroes who make things happen for the people in their ridings. I want to join them in the legislature as MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant so that I can take urgent action to improve the lives of people in this riding like Sonia and Adam do.”

“I want to congratulate Wendy as the successful contestant in this nomination contest,” Brown said. “It was wonderful hearing her throughout this contestant period. I trust she will represent B.C. Greens in this by-election in a good way and she has my support every step of the way.

Brown has previously run for public office as a mayoral candidate in the 2022 Vancouver municipal elections. Hayko has previously run for public office as the B.C. Green candidate in the 2022 Vancouver-Quilchena provincial by-election.

Furstenau will join Hayko to campaign in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant on Tues. May 30 and Wed. May 31. More details, including an itinerary, will be released on Mon. May 29.

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Bio - Wendy Hayko

Wendy Hayko is an emergency management expert with over 20 years experience building resilient communities. Wendy has experience at bringing people and government agencies together for solutions from many sides of the table, including non-profit organizations, local and global business, and as municipal staff and staff for First Nations.

Wendy believes government is there to support the best in people and organizations, and to curb the worst. In government, the job of an MLA is to represent people and all life, valuing them over corporate interests.

Wendy’s goals include changing policy to ensure housing is treated as a human right, available and accessible to all. Additionally, Wendy will expand the work BC Greens have begun to ensure healthcare – physical and mental – is prioritized and supported so everyone in BC gets the care they need, when they need it. Supporting wellness, in addition to emergency and trauma care, is a crucial component of our healthcare system.

Wendy’s focus will be on climate and emergency policies which move British Columbia towards a safe, sustainable future. The economic opportunities when shifting from fossil fuels are enormous; Wendy will support local businesses to take advantage of those opportunities, so sustainable choices become available to people in all walks of life.

Wendy lives in Vancouver and enjoys traveling the beautiful province of British Columbia and across Canada.

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