Weaver welcomes RCMP investigation into allegations of illegal donations

March 10, 2017

VICTORIA B.C. - Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, welcomed the news that the RCMP will investigate allegations of illegal donations, originally published in the Globe and Mail last weekend. On Monday, Weaver sent a letter to the RCMP requesting they determine whether there are grounds for a criminal investigation.

Weaver will hold a media availability regarding this issue at 2:15pm today at the B.C. Legislature.

“I am glad to hear that Elections BC has turned this investigation over to the RCMP,” said Weaver. “The allegations published in the Globe are disturbing to say the least. This investigation underscores the dire need for wholesale electoral finance reform in British Columbia. I implore the RCMP to conduct a thorough investigation and to release the results prior to the May 9 election. The people of British Columbia deserve to know the results of this investigation before they go to the polls.”

The B.C. Green Party banned corporate and union donations in September 2016, and is currently the only party not accepting such donations.

On Tuesday the party released a number of platform measures aimed at reforming lobbying and political donations.

“The flow of money from special interests into our political system is undermining the integrity of the B.C. Legislature,” Weaver continued. “How can the public trust their government to make the right decision on anything when they are in the pockets of corporate interests?

“A B.C. Green Party government would not only ban corporate, union and out-of-province donations immediately, we would conduct a comprehensive review of the lobbying industry to ensure that our democratic institutions and the interests of British Columbians are adequately protected. We need to bring some integrity back into our politics. I want British Columbians to know that they have an option in this election that would do just that. A vote for the B.C. Greens is a vote to clean up B.C. politics.”

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