Weaver to move motion on emergency debate on climate change

October 16, 2018

VICTORIA, B.C. – Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, will move a motion in the B.C. Legislature to hold a one-hour emergency debate on climate change tonight in the B.C. Legislature at 5:30pm this evening. The B.C. Greens called for an emergency debate this morning, following a similar debate in the Parliament of Canada last night.

“It’s time for a whole-of-government approach to mitigating the effects of climate change,” said Weaver.

“The potential calamity caused by climate change is avoidable. By refusing to create a plan to facilitate a gradual, managed transition, Canada is missing out on economic opportunities, as well as the ability to leverage the transition to make life more affordable for people.

“Canadians are highly educated, innovative and entrepreneurial - we can do far better than the race-to-the-bottom raw commodity economics of yesteryear. Instead, we should be putting our full attention towards championing clean growth and the value-added low-carbon industries that will undoubtedly be the drivers of economic growth as the world comes together to meet our targets.”

Sonia Furstenau, Deputy Leader, urged the other Members of the Legislative Assembly to recognize the human impacts of climate change.

“Climate change is not only an environmental issue - it’s a human rights issue,” said Furstenau.

“The effects of climate change will hit the most disadvantaged in our society hardest and first. We are already facing a crisis of inequality, both within Canada and across the globe. Any compassionate government that purports to care about people's wellbeing must take immediate action to meet our emissions reduction targets, as well as to assist communities to adapt to the effects of climate change that are already beginning to take hold. If we act with urgency, we can couple strong climate policies with an approach that will also improve the health and wellbeing of the people we serve.”

Implementing a climate plan to meet B.C.’s legislated emissions reductions targets is a key component of the B.C. Green Party Caucus’ Confidence and Supply Agreement with the B.C. NDP minority government. Weaver is working closely with the government towards introducing that plan, the Clean Growth Strategy, later this year.


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