Weaver statement on Minister de Jong’s letter to the Speaker

June 27, 2017

VICTORIA, B.C. - Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green caucus, responded today to a letter sent by Minister de Jong. Mr. de Jong earlier today presented a letter to Honourable Steve Thomson, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, seeking clarification regarding the role of the Speaker in the B.C. legislature.

“Seven weeks after an election, the B.C. Liberal government continues to play games in an attempt to hold onto power,” Weaver said. “Christy Clark appears intent on not making this legislature work.

“Let’s be clear: If the concerns around the speaker cannot be resolved, it will be because the BC Liberals have once again chosen to put their own political self-interest ahead of the interests of British Columbians.

“The Liberals delayed recalling the legislature, and have delayed a confidence vote.

“The conventions are clear. If the B.C. Liberals lose the confidence vote, then the Lieutenant Governor should first see if another party can form government and gain the confidence of the house before going to an election.

“Our Confidence and Supply agreement with the B.C. NDP demonstrates that an NDP minority government under Mr. Horgan has the confidence of a majority of members.

“The only reason the Speaker concerns would have any merit is if the B.C. Liberals have been deliberately misleading British Columbians about their willingness to work across party lines.If the B.C. Liberals are being honest with British Columbians when they say they want to avoid an election and work across party lines, then we will have one of the most productive legislatures in history. If the Speaker is truly impartial in his role, then he will not step down when the B.C. Liberal government falls.”


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