Weaver statement on ICBC rate increases and audit

September 05, 2017

VICTORIA, B.C. - Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green caucus, responded to the announcement that the government will raise ICBC rates, turn on red light cameras and conduct a business audit of the Crown Corporation.

“We already have an evidence-based, taxpayer-funded report with proposals for reforms,” Weaver said.

“While I am glad that the government has adopted the Ernst and Young report’s recommendation to turn on red light cameras, with ICBC in such a perilous financial situation, the time to implement changes is now.

“Furthermore, it is essential that we not take any options that would reduce rates off the table. The current system is overly litigious and adversarial. Payouts for minor bodily injuries have increased 365% since 2000. Every other public insurance system in Canada either limits certain types of claims or operates as a no-fault model. Option 4 in the Ernst and Young report projected that such a system would reduce vehicle premiums by $630, or 13.5%, by 2019.

“I concur with the Attorney General’s statement that ICBC’s abysmal financial standing is due to the unwillingness of the previous government to make tough choices. With this new government, there is an opportunity to do things differently. As the business audit of ICBC proceeds, the B.C. Green caucus will advocate for bold, evidence-based solutions that will ensure the best possible outcome for B.C. ratepayers.”


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