Weaver: Legislation a step forward, but parties will have to work together to make ride-hailing a reality

November 19, 2018

VICTORIA, B.C. – Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, says the provincial government’s legislation to introduce ride-hailing today is a long overdue step forward on the issue. Weaver says the all-party committee that will advise on regulations is a promising development because parties will have to collaborate to make ride-hailing a reality.

“While it’s a step forward to actually have legislation in front of us, more work needs to be done to ensure British Columbians have access to ride-hailing in 2019,” said Weaver.

“The fact that an issue with such high levels of public demand has taken so long to see progress is a failure of our political system. It’s obvious that neither of the other parties has been able to find the political will to action this issue in a timely manner. The legislative committee is a promising path forward because it will require all parties to share the responsibility of delivering for British Columbians.

“It’s important that the legislation and regulations strike the right balance so that the province meets its responsibility to ensure public safety and a fair playing field for business while also providing British Columbians with access to the full range of modern transportation options. We have questions about the timeline; although it’s encouraging that ride-hailing companies will be able to apply for licenses by Fall 2019, what British Columbians really want to know is when they will be able to access their services.

“At first glance a key difference between what government has put on the table today and the recommendations of the Hara Report is to require driver training and Class 5 licenses rather than Class 4 licenses. Other jurisdictions, such as Quebec, have seen success with driver training as part of their ride-hailing regulation.

“We look forward to discussing all of these issues in the house as well as canvassing some of them specifically in the legislative committee. We will continue do everything we can to deliver ride-hailing for British Columbians in 2019.”

Weaver has introduced legislation to enable ride-hailing three times. The third time, in Fall 2017, resulted in the subject of the bill being referred to an all-party committee, which held public consultations and delivered a report in February 2018.


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