We did it - a first step in reforming MSP premiums

I wanted to write to say THANK YOU to all of those who have worked with us for doing what others said was impossible:

The media has learned that the BC government plans to reduce unfair MSP premiums for single-parent families in next month's budget.

This victory is thanks to people like you who were willing to raise their voices and tell their government that enough is enough.

Your commitment to fairness and affordability in BC has made a huge difference for single-parent families. Thanks to you, families across BC are going to find life a little more affordable. I hope you will celebrate what we have accomplished together.

While this is a step in the right direction, it still doesn’t change the fact that MSP premiums will continue to be unaffordable for many families and individuals, particularly those on limited and fixed incomes. It's still an unfair taxation system, because it is not based on your level of income.

There is still more work to do. We are going to keep pushing forward.


PS: Can you help us continue to push our government forward on this issue by donating $5 right now?

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