Veronica Greer bio

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Born in Aberdeen, Scotland to a Canadian mother and an Irish Father, I then lived in England, Germany, and the USA, before moving to Canada and settling permanently in BC in 1999. I have two beautiful children and enjoy exploring the outdoors in my free time.

Having worked in many different sectors like public transit, construction, the food industry, etc., and struggled on minimum wage while being a student, I am confident that I know how to fight for the needs of those who most politicians tend to ignore.

As a transgender person, I advocate for all identities and all human rights. I feel no one should be viewed as less because of who they are and will always do everything to make sure we work towards equality. This is easily possible with the right people in government who have all their voters interests at heart and not just those with big money. I will always listen to everyone in my riding and make sure their voices are heard.

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