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We’re very excited to be inviting you to the inaugural AGM for the newly-formed Vancouver Riding Association, which represents all eleven Vancouver provincial ridings. The VRA will play an integral role in the lead-up to the next provincial election by coordinating and overseeing the candidate selection process. The VRA executive will be elected at the AGM by you, members of the BC Green Party, so this is your opportunity to play a part in the future direction of the BC Greens in Vancouver.  Want to know more? Please email the team at [email protected] and/or click here for a description of the various roles you can run for under the RA Agreement.

In order to vote at the AGM, you will need to be a member in good standing, so now is a good time to either purchase a new membership or check if your membership is due for renewal.

You can sign up for a membership here.

We will begin with check-in and light refreshments at 7:00 PM with the AGM commencing at 7:30 PM.

In the interests of hosting this event as sustainably as possible, we request that you bring your own mug and, if possible, a reusable name tag.


RA Executive nominees

RA Members who have chosen to promote their nomination will appear below within a few business days of submitting their promotion form. Submitting this form is optional, and not a requirement to stand for nomination. 

Name Nominee for I am running for this position because...
Teresa Nicholson Treasurer

I like to work with groups, share ideas and love working in the finance. Graduating with a accounting specially from school and working in the accounting departments in different jobs. Recently I was the Official Agent for Van South Candidate and am the VanEast Green Party FA. I also the Strata Council President and Treasurer and have been for several years. I hope you will consider me for this position or as a member at large

Anthony Hughes Member-At-Large

I’ve served as the Chairperson for the Vancouver Green Party since 2016, the CEO for the Canada Greens Vancouver Granville riding association since 2018 and as a volunteer on Jonina Campbell's 2017 campaign in New West. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors for campaigns at all three levels achieving historic results in every campaign. I hope to lend this experience to build more collaboration between all three parties and elect Vancouver’s first BC Green MLA in 2021 (or earlier).

Tracy Dundass Member-At-Large

I am running for this position as I would like to be a part of the movement to get more Greens elected. I am the volunteer co-ordinator for the Green Party of Vancouver and I was also the volunteer co-ordinator for Jesse Brown who ran in the West End. I would like to use these skills and my connections to assist with the BC Greens in Vancouver.

JB Bell

I believe my expertise in working on non-profit Boards, such as the BC Humanist Association; a housing co-op; and a strata council, with a focus on making procedures efficient for all concerned, will let me contribute to the Greens. I am also committed to see all our human systems be responsive to the needs of all life, from small-scale community to how our society decides what's valuable on a mass scale.

Lucy Johannsohn Treasurer

I believe BC can become an international leader on environmental and social issues and the BC Greens must have a central role in shaping these conversations. I have almost 15 years' experience in news journalism and marketing. I now have my own marketing consulting business. Prior to this, I was Executive Director of a non-profit where I gained experience in financial management and non-profit governance. I hope to serve as treasurer as a way to connect and give back to my local community.

Kaarina Talvila Co-Chair

My goal as Co-Chair of the VRA would be to pool resources and expertise from across the city to create a powerful body that can advocate for Vancouver and get us into the best possible shape for the next election. We need to be strategic and proactive in our candidate nominations, and we need to train and support our campaign teams. I want to be part of the process that gets more Green Party candidates elected so that they can keep the conversation focused on the climate crisis.

Simon De Weerdt Co-Chair

Vancouver issues need representation. Residents deal with unique Housing and Transit/Transportation challenges, the Opioid Crisis takes thousands of lives while the technology and creative industries are rapidly growing. I have been privileged to serve as Vancouver Councilor at large for Provincial Council and Federal Green East Van EDA member at large and would like to serve as Co-Chair with Kaarina Talvila as we establish the Vancouver Riding Association. Let’s send some Vancouver Green to Victoria.

Masheed Salehomoum Secretary

I have been volunteering for the BC Greens for several years now and would like to increase my involvement in an official capacity and gain Board experience. I am running for this position as I am a strong believer in Green principles and want to see more Green candidates from the Vancouver region represented in the BC Legislature. I think that I'll be an asset to the Board plus I like taking notes! Thank you for your consideration.

Celena Benndorf Member-At-Large

Through the strategic deployment of our resources the VRA will be pivotal in getting a Green MLA elected, and I’d love to help make that happen. My background includes founding a natural foods business, Director of Internet Services at TELUS, and marketing at P&G. I served on the BC Greens Policy Team for 2 years, was Communications Manager for Van South in the last federal election, and door-knocked in the last 3 municipal elections. I currently serve on the VSB’s Diversity Advisory Committee.

Tue. Mar 10, 2020
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Ryan Clayton ·
Vancouver Central Library, Van Dusen+ Kaye Room
350 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
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