Useing tax dollars under guise of transition plan a joke.

I am extremely happy with our new government removing corporate and union donations however the transition plane funded by tax dollars is a joke I support the Green Party and NDP working together because I do not trust any of our government party's and this way both party's are held more accountable and giving taxpayers money to a party I don't support well people are still suffering with rising housing and livening cost. I wish there were elections every year to insure our government is always held accountable and keeps there promise that led them winning there seats.

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We appreciate your feedback Evan. I also wondered when I first heard about the allowance, why parties can’t just quit cold turkey. After all - it worked for the BC Greens! It turns out, that approach could actually be really dangerous for our democracy. Other parties rely so heavily on big money that this bill takes away half their income. Any business owner will tell you that losing half your revenue all at once will pretty much put you out of business.

So the way I see it, the per-vote allowance gives all parties a chance to get rid of corporate donations right away, while continuing the essential work they do for democracy in BC - talking to voters, supporting MLAs and developing policy ideas. That’s one of the reasons our BC Green MLAs support the government’s bill.  The most important thing is to get big money out of politics as soon as possible.

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