Today long-serving BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk announced she is stepping aside.

Victoria BC: Today long-serving BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk announced she is stepping aside. “I'm retiring from politics and resigning as Leader of the BC Green Party after the AGM on August 24th.  I've had a good run and now it's up to the Party and new leadership to elect more MLAs in 2017. I don't know what my future holds for me but I'm excited to go on to new adventures.” Jane Sterk.

During her tenure as leader of the BC Green Party, Jane Sterk worked hard to strengthen the internal party structure, build the party from the grassroots, and recruit quality candidates around the province to run for office as BC Greens. Under her leadership, the party elected its first ever MLA in the 2013 provincial election with the election of renowned climate scientist Dr. Andrew Weaver in the riding of Oak Bay - Gordon Head.

The Green Party of BC is holding its AGM on Saturday, August 24th  at the Alice MacKay Room in the Vancouver Public Library. According to the Green Party of BC bylaws, Jane Sterk’s resignation will lead to the appointment of an interim Leader, while the Provincial Council determines the date for a leadership contest. This AGM will serve as an opportunity to make decisions about the Party’s future. In addition to any leadership decision, party members will also be voting on a number of vacant Provincial Council positions.

“Jane Sterk set an example of a new style of politics, one that is inclusive, far less divisive and which invigorated the party. We witnessed that in the campaign, especially during the debates; we saw that in how she built the party at the grassroots around the province. She created the template for the party to follow. I wish her well in the future, and thank her for her tireless years of work.” Andrew Weaver


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