The Malahat Highway

Cowichan Valley and especially the South Cowichan are bedroom communities of the CRD. A modest alternative to the highway is going to be needed soon. Maybe a cable ferry? I am not sure what alternatives there are that are not excessively expensive. But addressing this issue in some form would really speak to a majority of South Cowichan residents. :) The frequent Malahat shutdowns and the loss (Malahat Fire Chief) of one of the biggest proponents for improved highway safety have lost a voice. Leadership under this current government has produced a "kick the can to the next election" type mentality when it comes to strategic planning for this stretch. The other and more lengthy policy is Professional Reliance in BC I feel it has become influenced by way of "technical expert shopping" but that's a message I can send another day. It's a doozy, government has seemed to hold little if any authority over that of a QP. Checks and balances are voluntary and virtually non existent. Environmental Law Center of UVic did an outstanding report on this subject Cheers Greens 2017 Russell Robertson

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