Team Taylor Foot Canvas- March 9th

Join Ned and the team for a couple of hours of door to door chats with our neighbors!
1286 McKenzie Ave (The Root Cellar)
Victoria, BC
The area we will be going to will be discussed when we gather.

The team will provide all of the necessary items to take with you to help you achieve goals like voter ID, volunteering, Nomination signatures, etc.
Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable foot wear.

We will go out in teams of two. We will be pairing people up based on experience and any familiarity with the areas we have in mind for the day.

If you are excited to join in but have not been involved in door to door canvasing- we have some time set aside for training and practicing. Please let us know if you need to "brush up" or want to learn good door to door canvassing strategies.

RSVP here!

We welcome you aboard Team Taylor!!

Ned Taylor and Team Taylor

Sat. Mar 9, 2024
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Root Cellar 1286 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria
1286 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, BC V8P 5P2
Google map and directions

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