Statement by Interim-Leader Adam Olsen on MLA Pat Pimm's remarks about First Nations people

I am disappointed at the racist comments made in an email by Pat Pimm, the MLA for Peace River North. As a former member of the British Columbia Cabinet, a B.C. Liberal caucus member and a member of the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, I am shocked that he would show such disrespect for the First Nations people of our province.

I am thankful that Mr. Pimm apologized for his comments, but as the Leader of the B.C. Green Party and a person of First Nations ancestry, I am saddened that such regressive and destructive sentiments still exist in our government.

If the B.C. government wishes to push forward with their resource development plans, they must, at a minimum, acknowledge and accept First Nations as equal partners. It appears we are a long way from that.

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