Simon Rear nominated as B.C. Greens candidate in Vancouver-Kensington

March 08, 2017

VANCOUVER B.C. – The B.C. Green Party is pleased to announce the nomination of its candidate for Vancouver-Kensington, Simon Rear. Rear’s professional background includes working with B.C. First Nations and he has been responsible for research, event planning and promoting voting rights in remote communities.

“I am running because I want to make a difference in my community and contribute to a Legislative Assembly of B.C. that values truth, economic sustainability, cooperation and integrity,” said Rear. “These are values espoused by the B.C. Green Party platform. I am proud to be able to run with a party that truly represents my values and provides an inspiring vision for our collective future.”

Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, welcomed Rear’s nomination from Victoria.

“Simon is a wonderful candidate for Vancouver-Kensington,” Weaver said. “His professional experience with First Nations and his commendable efforts promoting voting rights in remote communities show his great passion for participatory democracy. He is a thoughtful and caring person who knows how crucial it is to have a government that values community engagement to ensure B.C. can be a leader in the 21st century. I am proud to have him as part of the B.C. Greens team.”

Please see for a full list of the party’s nomination contestants and candidates to date.

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