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My background as a heart surgeon has never given me the option of being indecisive. The only option has been to get the job done and get it done right. As your MLA for Vancouver-Renfrew, I will advocate and fight for a better quality of life for you – better healthcare, more affordable housing, more accessible public transit, and safer neighborhoods. Change happens when people come together united by a vision for a better world. That’s why I joined leader Sonia Furstenau and the BC Green Party. It’s the only viable alternative to the stagnant political status quo. Together, let’s be the agents of change for British Columbia.”

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About Sanjiv

Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi is the father of 3 young adults, a dog-dad, and an outdoor enthusiast. He trained at McGill University before completing residencies, research, and fellowships at Saint Louis University, Washington University,  the University of Pittsburgh, and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of British Columbia and was the head of the Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at BC Children’s Hospital from 2010 to 2022. 

He has dedicated his life to caring for children with heart disease, recently stepping away from his career in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. With decades of knowledge about healthcare, people, their needs and vulnerabilities, he brings the same passion to B.C. politics that he did to the operating room. He was appointed Deputy Leader of the B.C. Greens because of his healthcare experience and “get it done” attitude, which will be invaluable in tackling our numerous challenging societal issues.

Dr. Gandhi is passionate about improving the access to and the delivery of healthcare in British Columbia and maintains that access to a family doctor for everyone is the foundation of a successful healthcare system. He strongly advocates for people-focused policy as the best way forward for consistent and sustainable primary care. He believes that the many issues that currently challenge society – climate and environment, housing, and stable, growing economies, are all interrelated and intimately attached to the health of our population.

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