Samson Boyer bio

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Samson Boyer is the eldest of three and he has lived in the East Kootenay for most of his life. He took an interest in beekeeping as a young teen and has been pursuing it enthusiastically since. With significant work experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, including the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, Samson has pursued roles in leadership as a ski and snowboard instructor and lifeguard.  

He is an avid reader and a bit of a news junkie. He has been studying piano for the past 5 years and also enjoys gardening and travel. Politics and religious study have been at the forefront of his educational pursuits for quite sometime. 

In fact, it was his interest in politics, as well as his interest in the issues of our region, that inspired Samson to volunteer in the campaign of Green Party candidate, Bill Green in last year’s federal election. 

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