Ryan Marciniw bio

Ryan moved to Vancouver with his younger brother Shane in 1993 from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They both got night jobs so they could snowboard the local mountains during the week and travel to Whistler and the other interior and island mountains on their days off. Ryan and his brothers Shane and Jordan have all been avid outdoors-men.

Ryan soon met his life partner Winnie shortly after moving to Vancouver, and they have been together ever since. Winnie and Ryan rescued their dog Macy May from the mean streets of Taiwan about 5 years ago and plan to rescue more dogs after they find a larger home. Ryan was a pit boss at a casino in downtown Vancouver and helped organize a union which was certified by the Canadian Auto Workers. It was one of the fastest certifications ever, and Ryan had become a labor activist. He helped negotiate two contracts with the ownership of the casino until the employees were locked out.

During the lock out, Ryan was a strike captain on the picket line for nearly a year. His wife Winnie, then girlfriend at the time, helped to convince him to go back to school. She said that anyone that has read as much philosophy as he had that he needed to go to university. Winnie and Ryan attended Langara College as adult students for two years. Ryan has had careers in the casino industry, online gaming, and the directory and online advertising industry. He is currently employed at Yellow Pages and works for the Financial Department.

Ryan and Winnie have lived in Richmond since 2010. He has volunteered for the BC Green Party since December 2014 as the Assistant Chair of Policy and Research Committee, conducting online forums, developing member driven policy, and researching and writing about policy. He has always been an avid reader, and has an excellent work ethic. He has studied the issues that face BC, and has a very good understanding of the policies and positions that the government needs to follow to help guide the transition from a resource economy to a sustainable clean energy economy. He understands the need to preserve our natural environments that sustain tourism, local agriculture, fisheries and the people of BC.

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