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Tsukasa Roy Sakata was born on September 16, 1942 in Bridge River, B.C.; a second World War Canadian-Japanese internment camp. Roy is a retired school administrator of Richmond School District and Gitsegukla Gitskan First Nation Elementary School

His work experience in education has involved roles as a teacher, vice principal, school principal in Prince Rupert and Richmond, and as Principal and Member of the Economic Development Committee of the Gitksan Community of Gitsegukla.

In the second year of serving as Gitsegukla Elementary School school administrator, Roy was adopted as a Wolf Clan member of Wilps Nii Kyap by Simoget O'Yee (House of Nii Kyap by Clifford Sampare). He was given the Gitksan name Mis maaxwswsi'm ga ts'i wins.

From 2004 to 2009 Roy served on School Assessment teams for the B.C. Ministry Education Independent School Inspector’s Office and for the B.C. First Nations Education Steering Committee.

He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Center. He also continues his active involvement with the Rotary Club of Ladner and volunteers at the Steveston Buddhist Temple.

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