Robert Mellalieu bio

Robert is the consummate British Columbian. He loves fishing, boating, skiing, hiking and politics.  

Robert operates a small computer support business in West Kelowna. His clients are other hard working small business, home based business and regular folk. He has come to realize that what his clients want are two things; their computers fixed and a person they can trust. His business has grown because of referrals from his existing clients. He is very proud of his reputation and very honoured to have the trust of his clients.

Rob married Dawn in 1996 and soon after arrived Russell. They have lived in West Kelowna for 25 years and plan to stay for at least 25 more.

Rob is an active member of the community. He has freely given of his time to The City of West Kelowna Advisory Planning Commission, the Greater West Side Board of Trade Policy Committee, Big Brothers of Canada, Freedom’s Door, Rotary, Antique and Classic Boat Society and of course, the Green Parties of BC and Canada. With his son now ready to leave home and his business on level footing, this is the time to, once more; give back to the community and BC.

Robert is perfectly suited to be the next MLA. He lives in the community. He works in the community. He raised his child in the community. He volunteers in the community. Robert has honed his ability to use logic and reasoning to solve complicated computer problems. These skill will be used to solve environmental issues and analyzing the use of tax dollars. The years running his business have given him the ability to listen and to understand the true issues. Businesses don’t last for 25 years without honesty and truthfulness –those characteristics will be appreciated by his constituents.

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