Richard Krieger bio

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Richard has a diverse background in animal husbandry, farming, photography, environmental activism, and in business with real estate, property management, advertising and business-related entrepreneurial skills and experience.

Richard is an immigrant, having moved to B.C. from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1975 and proudly became a Canadian citizen in 1989. In 1977 he went to Haida Gwaii and stayed for two years to help save the southern 15% of its archipelago from logging and mining. The result, caused by a national groundswell, was the creation of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve in 1988. Richard was also the co-founder of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee in 1980, served as its first CEO and helped it along the road to becoming a 30,000-member environmental force. In 1983, Richard was one of the founding directors involved in registering the B.C. Green Party as a Provincial society, helping create the first Green Party in all of North America.

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