Resolutions - 2015

Resolution #3: Resolution on Transit and Transportation in Metro Vancouver - Sponsored by Member Adriane Carr and the Board of Directors of the Green Party of Vancouver

Whereas:The governance of Metro Vancouver’s public transit body, TransLink, was significantly changed in 2007 by the Provincial Government which replaced TransLink’s board of locally elected representatives with a board of non-political “experts” to govern and oversee operations.

Whereas: TransLink’s Board has lost the confidence of many voters in Metro Vancouver, as evidenced by public debate during the 2015 Transportation and Transit Plebiscite.

Whereas:  The boards of Metro Vancouver, comprised of locally elected representatives, have a good track record of governance and oversight over regional water, sewage, waste management, parks and other essential regional services through a governance model that is considerably less expensive and more accountable than the current TransLink model of governance.

Whereas: the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation’s first suggestion to reallocate the BC carbon tax to fund new investments in regional transportation and public transit was rejected by the BC Government, requiring the Mayors’ Council to consider other funding sources, including a 0.5% regional sales tax, which was ultimately selected.

Whereas: Participatory democracy, including local decision-making and control, is a fundamental Green Party principle and the planning, governance and directions regarding sources of funding for public transit in Metro Vancouver should be made by locally elected representatives who are accountable to local voters.

Resolution #2: "2015 Omnibus Resolution - Policies for Rescinding" - Sponsored by the Research & Policy Committee

The Research & Policy Committee of the BC Green Party has reviewed the party's public policies and has found certain policies to be:

  • No longer necessary,

  • Ambiguous or unclear,

  • Erroneously worded, or

  • Impractical

The Research & Policy Committee is recommending that the attached policies be rescinded. 

Resolution #1: Resolution to adopt bylaw revisions as proposed by Provincial Council

One of the primary tasks of the new Provincial Council last year was to conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). From this exercise we developed our Strategic Plan, with our Vision, Mission, and Purpose statements. This gave us a clear picture of where we wanted to go, the next step was to figure out what we needed to do to get there.

From a strategic perspective, there were a number of things we needed to change in order to improve our structure and governance. The result is a complete review of the Party's Bylaws which need to be approved by the membership at the AGM. Unless you are intimately familiar with the current bylaws, the changes proposed in the 2015 bylaws may not be apparent.

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