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2013 Green Party of BC Annual General Meeting Ballot & Instructions

You can vote at the AGM or you can return your ballot by mail. Ballots must be received by noon, Thursday, August 22nd.  Information about the candidates may also be read at

Endorsement Vote

Vote yes if you endorse the candidate. Vote no if you would prefer the position be left vacant rather than be filled by that individual. Abstention is a legitimate option.

Ballot Return

Mail      PO Box 8088, STN Central, Victoria, BC V8W 3R7

Fax        Voting by fax to the Provincial Office shall be allowed during the five working days prior to the general meeting where a voting member requires but does not received a ballot in sufficient time for completion and return by mail.  A voting member must contact the Party’s Provincial Office within the above time frame.  Fax ballots, consisting of two parts, the ballot and a signed statement that the member has not received a mail-in ballot and will only be voting by fax, shall be sent to the voting member by fax.  The fax ballot will be immediately completed and returned by fax to the Party's Provincial Office.  Ballots that are not immediately completed and returned by fax to the Party's Provincial Office will be disregarded. All faxed ballots must be received by the Provincial Office by 5pm on Friday,  August 23rd. 

 To receive a ballot by fax, please email or call 1888-473-3686



Two-year terms end at the AGM in 2015. One-year terms will complete the second year of two-year terms that are up for re-election in 2014. Three Councillors at Large* will be elected for one-year terms.

Because we have received more than three applications for the Councillor at Large positions, we are asking you to rank order (from 1 to 4) your choices; as well as choosing yes or no.

By submitting this form, you consent to the BC Green Party retaining your personal information for party activities as outlined in the BC Green Party Privacy Policy. You may withdraw this consent at any time by contacting the party at 1-888-473-3686 or

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