Regions and Ridings

For the purposes of organizing members and supporting participatory democracy, the BC Green Party divides the province into six regions using the Elections BC regional groupings as a guidelines. While the regions divide the province geographically, we recognize that there are many other characteristics which create unique areas within our diverse province.

The members in each region elect a Regional Representative who sits on Provincial Council. Their role is to participate in the governance of the party, communicate regional concerns to Provincial Council, and communicate party activities to their region.

The Six Regions

Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast - Regional Representative Christina Winter

Lower Mainland - Regional Representative Aird Flavelle

Okanagan - Regional Representative Chris George

Northern BC - Regional Representative Brenda Slomka

Cariboo-Thompson - Regional Representative TBD

Kootney-Columbia - Regional Representative TBD


Ridings and Riding Associations

Within each region there electoral districts, or ridings. These are geographic areas defined by the Electoral Districts Act, and each are represented by an MLA in the Legislature. You can find our electoral district on the Elections BC website.

Members in each electoral district, or riding, can form a Riding Association which is a formally recognized by the party to enable local fundraising, organizing, candidate nomination and campaign support.


If you would like more information on which region or riding you are in and how to get involved, please contact our Director of Community Engagement Lauren Pearson.

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