The BC Greens Must Continue to be an Environmental Champion

The BC Greens must not lose sight or their responsibility to be champions of environmental issues. The environment must be front and centre in our public policy statements. Anything else may lead people to wonder "why bother voting green?". We have seen it happen to other parties (federal NDP) when they stray from their foundations, people will find someone else to support.


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  • John Campbell
    tagged this with Important 2017-02-22 08:58:39 -0800
  • Bill Masse
    commented 2016-12-14 19:56:25 -0800
    Caroline, as Research and Policy Chair and Vice Chair of the Platform Policy Advisory Committee, I want to thank you for your input. In our BC Green Policy 2017, we state that we are firmly grounded in our environmental roots, but we have a holistic view. The economy, our society, the environment and government are interconnected. We have to look at the big picture.
    Bill Masse
  • Jesse McCallum
    commented 2016-10-05 21:43:54 -0700
    While I think it imperative that B.C Greens have a core policy foundation that coincides with Green values revolving around the environment, I also think that Greens would do better to market themselves as a popular party by not focusing on environmental issues as their main presentation. Everyone knows that the Green party is a party with the environment held in high regard, but this is also a stigma that holds Greens back from a popular vote. I think Greens should be focusing on a broader spectrum of policy positions, claiming the spot of “Progressives”. The NDP, at least nationally, seem to be in turmoil with no fixed direction, the Liberals have maintained their Centrist position of supporting big money politics and global neoliberalism, leaving the door wide open for the same message and values Bernie Sanders was speaking to, down south, the position of Progressive politics.
  • Caroline Tansley
    published this page in Make a suggestion 2016-09-27 13:47:30 -0700
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