RA Coordination Team Positions

RA Coordination Teams require a minimum of 4 people.

All required positions will be given a hand out of guidelines and standards to follow for their role.The regional organizer is also an ex-officio member of each RA - but they do not have voting status.

President (required)

  • This person is responsible for the overall direction of the RA. They chair the meetings, create agendas and keep everyone on track. They are also the main point-person for communicating with other RAs, the Central Party Staff and the Regional Representative.

  • Ideal Skills: Good at seeing the big picture, good facilitator of discussions, strong communication skills

  • Official Description: The President shall supervise and have the responsibility for the management of the affairs and business of the RA, shall preside at all meetings of the RA, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the RA.

Financial Coordinator (required)

  • This person is responsible for the financial operations of the RA. This is the most important role of an RA. Accurate record keeping is an absolute must. All donations must be processed appropriately, all expenses must be tallied accurately. External training from the Party is mandatory for this role.

  • Ideal Skills: Very detail oriented, focused on following the rules, responsible.

  • Official Description: The Financial Coordinator shall receive all monies that are or become the property of the RA and shall keep an accurate record thereof, and shall submit the RA's accounts in an annual report as required by these Schedules or by the RA or the Party.

Communications Coordinator (required)

  • This person is responsible for calling meetings both for coordinator meetings and AGMs. They are responsible for taking accurate minutes (following the GPBC guidelines) during all meetings and reporting back to the Coordination team and members as needed. They are also responsible for creating and sending any communication from the RA Coordination Team to the riding membership

  • Ideal Skills: good note taking ability, organized, computer savvy, good writer

  • Official Description: The Communications Coordinator shall keep minutes of all meetings of the RA, conduct all ordinary correspondence of the RA, and give notice of all meetings to the Coordination team and to RA Members.

Data Coordinator (required)

  • This person is responsible for managing all the data of the riding. They are responsible for keeping up-to-date and accurate data on supporters, donors, volunteers, and available resources. External training from the party is mandatory for this role.

  • Ideal Skills: Data oriented, computer and internet savvy, pays attention to detail,

  • Official Description: The Data Coordinator is responsible for the prospect and supporter lists and Riding webpages and will take the necessary training to be successful. Data coordinator must follow GPBC standards set by the CCS. The Central Party Office has ultimate and final control over the data how it is shared and the use of any online tools.


Recommended Positions:

Membership Chair (recommended)

  • This person is responsible for growing the membership in that riding and in-taking new members and supporters. They will also be the person responsible for volunteer management.

Event Chair (recommended)

  • This person is responsible for planning and coordinating any events the RA decides to hold. They are also responsible for keeping track of materials and resources used by the Coordination Team (e.g. borrowing a banner from the Party for an event).

Media Chair (recommended)

  • This person is responsible for helping to draft emails, press releases, newsletters, and promoting events for the RA. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining a social media presence (if the RA decides to do so). This position would work closely with the Communications Coordinator.

Fundraising Chair (recommended)

  • This person is responsible for meeting the fundraising goals of the RA. They will coordinate with the financial agent and the events chair to raise funds.


  • This is a general position that gives members the flexibility of joining the RA and being able to help out wherever needed while also allowing for input into RA decisions. We encourage members-at-large to join at least one committee on their RA.


The recommended positions listed above could be taken on by one person or could be coordinated by a committee. Each position could also chair a committee (with other members who are not necessarily on the executive) who perform the functions of the role. Some of the roles above could also be merged and taken on by one person.

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