Public Transit & Transportation

Public Transit & Transportation

Citizens living outside Metro Vancouver have long experienced inadequate service from the existing public transit system. Reliable transit improves our access healthcare, childcare, and businesses. Studies show that each dollar invested in public transit yields four dollars in economic activity for communities. Truly liveable cities address transportation needs in a forward-thinking way, and it is time for BC to prioritize affordable and accessible transit throughout the province. 

The BC Greens' plan for Public Transit & Transportation

BC Greens has called for $1 billion to be allocated to creating a robust public transit system across the province. This money would fund transit networks in areas like the Sea-to-Sky Corridor and Vancouver Island. 

Given our cost-of-living crisis, having affordable and dependable transit is essential.

Free transit for anyone under 18 on all BC Transit and TransLink services will ensure youth have safe transportation options, and can also help businesses that are struggling to find enough workers. 

Free transit would make it easier for young people to access to educational, extracurricular, and employment opportunities that are crucial to their development and future success.

We must prioritize workers and communities, and stop outsourcing public transit to for-profit corporations. Transit strikes happen too often because public workers are not paid a liveable wage, leaving thousands unable to commute. Additionally, BC Ferries must be recognized as a vital part of the transportation network and restored as a Crown Corporation. 

When public transit is managed by the government, it puts the focus back on serving our communities instead of making profit.

While Canadians struggle to access basic services and pay bills due to high gas prices, oil and gas companies reap record-breaking profits. One concrete thing the federal government can do is put a windfall profit tax in place and return those funds to the people. Sign the petition here.   

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