Getting out the vote

Getting out the vote

It's everyone's responsibility to get out the vote.

A big part of the BC Greens ProRep campaign plan is to use people power to reach as many voters as possible through personal connections.


Here are some sample letters to support your work to get out the vote in your community. You can download, edit and email/print* them to share with the people you're connected to:

Online (email, social media)

Here's a graphic email you can send to your network

For social media, feel free to use any of our graphics, memes and gifs.


You can also invite people over for a party to discuss ProRep and vote together:

Background on ProRep

Get familiar with the referendum details:



*Please note: It's okay for you to print and distribute these materials as a volunteer using your own equipment, but it would break Elections BC rules if you pay a printer to print them, even a photocopying shop. That's because if you use these materials to conduct anything Elections BC considers "advertising," you would need to be an authorized sponsor. Breaking the rules may result in penalties under the Electoral Reform Referendum 2018 Regulation, and the Election Act. To learn more about ProRep advertising rules, see here. To obtain official materials authorized by the BC Green Party, please write to

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