January 16, 2013

Process flawed for Auditor General decisions Green Party Leader says

Victoria - The terms of Auditor Generals should be established in legislation and freed from the possibility or even the perception of political interference, Green Party of BC Leader Jane Sterk said in response to a recent announcement by Premier Christy Clark.

“We are however deeply concerned about the events leading up to the premier’s announcement and how the decision to strengthen the independence of the AG’s office is being made,” Ms. Sterk added.

Ms. Clark announced today that the Liberal dominated legislative committee which decided not to renew the contract of Mr. Doyle will be asked to reverse its decision and offer to extend his contract for two more years. The Premier also announced legislation to be introduced in February, which will see the AG’s term set for eight years, but with no possibility of a second term.

“That the Premier has had to intervene to ask for a reversal of the committee’s decision with regard to Mr. Doyle’s tenure speaks for itself,” Ms. Sterk commented.

“We have advocated for legislative change and a hands off approach to the position of Auditor General. But the fact that it has taken a crisis, and unilateral intervention on the part of the Premier instead of dialogue and a reasoned decision by the Legislature to get this government moving on the issue is deplorable.”

Ms. Sterk said the political optics surrounding Mr. Doyle’s tenure and the hurried introduction of important legislation show that Ms. Clark and the BC Liberals are governing in ‘reaction mode’ and not seeking solutions based on thoughtful dialogue within the Legislature and with the public.

“There should have been a process that included public and expert engagement, not a quick fix on this important issue,” Ms. Sterk concluded. “This speaks to the need for democratic reforms and a change in attitude with regard to how the business of governing is conducted in BC.”

The Green Party of BC’s policy on democratic reforms and governance can be accessed in The Green Book 2013, which is available atwww.greenparty.bc.ca



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