Policy Resolutions 2013

Each Annual General Meeting of the Green Party allows Policy Resolutions to be adopted by the Party.

This AGM, there are 2 resolutions being put forward by the policy team:

(1) Responsible Oversight of the BC Legislature’s Operating Budget
(2) The rescinding of policy




Resolution 1: Responsible Oversight of the BC Legislature’s Operating Budget  

Preamble: The Green Party of BC is committed to a full and complete framework of checks and balances within BC’s public institutions in order to establish an exemplary system of responsible governance and administration. In order to put an end to any illegal and abusive misappropriation within the Provincial Legislature, the BC Greens will remove the administration of the legislature’s financial operations from a committee of MLA’s and MLA appointed legislature staff to a new department within the independent BC Auditor General’s Office.

Resolution: Provincial Legislature Expense Management

Be it resolved that the documentation, authorization, and oversight of MLA expense claims, MLA constituency office allowances, and supplemental compensation requests for any legislature staff or MLAs will be established within a new department of the independent office of the BC Auditor General.


Resolution 2: The Research & Policy Committee recommends that the following policy in Consolidated Policies 2012 (11/15/2012) be rescinded: Cities should be required to maintain the same average density within their limits so that when one area's density is increased, another area's density should be proportionally decreased.

Reasons for the recommendation to rescind:  

1. Having high density is one of the easiest ways to green a city.  

2. Density also reduces the price of housing.

3. It's bad for the economy. Density and cities are economic engines by encouraging people to exchange ideas.

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