Policy proposals

We welcome your policy ideas

Policy defines who we are, and what makes us unique in the BC political landscape. Policy is one of the most important and rewarding ways that members can contribute to the party. If you have an idea that you think will improve ​BC Green Policy​, we encourage you to engage in the policy process.

While our policies are intended to be enduring, they are not static. As evidence changes, so will our policy approaches. We believe in the power of collaboration. Our policy development process involves engaging with members, independent researchers, and stakeholders, and working with the BC Greens Policy Committee.

The Party’s policies inform our election platforms. Together, our goal is to create feasible, evidence-based policy that contributes to a strong statement of who we are as BC Greens.

Tips for writing a good policy submission

1. Review key documents

2. Do your research

The foundation for a sound policy proposal is thorough research. Research provides a firm understanding of the issue and its context. Research helps us understand what has already been done to try and resolve the issue, and where current policy may be falling short.

We encourage all applicants to do research, and support their policy submission with evidence.

Evidence can include:

  • reports and studies
  • lived experience and first hand accounts
  • articles, columns, and investigative journalism

Feel free to discuss policy ideas with your riding association, but this is not a requirement for submission.

3. Submit your proposal

Is your policy proposal ready? Click here to complete the Policy Submission Form

What happens next?

The BC Greens Policy Committee will review your proposal using the Guidelines for Policy Submission. We will respond to you within 6 weeks.

We will work with you, if your proposal needs further development, and if your proposal is accepted, it will be part of a newly revised policy document presented for ratification at our next AGM.

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