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Absolutely no mandatory vaccinations & the immediate removal of aluminum or mercury adjuvants.

Thomas Cowan MD, in  Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, explains the direct relationship between cell health,  and factors that may compromise the structure and integrity of the cell's gel-like cytoplasm, causing the cells to shrink, thus losing their close connection to one another and setting the stage for intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome), believed to be at the root of autoimmune diseases. He maintains that the link between leaky gut and autoimmune disease has been well established in medical literature, two of the researchers being Dr. Alessio Fasano and Dr. Sushrut Jangi from  Harvard Medical School  While there are a number of factors which influence the contraction of cells due to gel not forming properly,thus leading to undigested proteins and toxins gaining direct access to the blookstream through the cell wall,  the main one mentioned is loss of a healthy microbiome. Others are "cellular poisons  such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and some agricultural chemicals, including glyphosate." (p.36) It has been established that the microbiome is directly affected by vaccinations, even though "the precise mechanism of how this happens is unknown". He makes a key point in stating that whenever we do something to affect the balance of immune response in our bodies, we affect what he says is the largest and most important organ system we have... the gut.

Neil Z. Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies (400 Scientific Papers) clearly show that vaccinations either don't work, render the vaccinated child highly infectious and able to pass the virus on , or actually increase the cases of mutant strains of the original virus. Several studies confirm that vaccinated people may be silent carriers of the disease and that herd immunity may not be possible. Cases of whooping cough (pertussis) have been increasing along with new strains.

He mentions the Center for Disease Control in the US  which ,along with manufacturers, market fear of influenza by inflating official death rates from the flu. Canada just seems to  follow along, without questioning the numbers. "The CDC publicly asserts that influenza kills 36,000 annually. However the National Center for Health Statistics, operated by the CDC shows an average of just 1,348 influenza deaths per year. " Doshi P. Are US Flu death figures more PR than Science? BMJ 2005 Dec 10; 331: 1412.

Furthermore, the CDC's policy to vaccinate pregnant women with thimerosol-containing influenza vaccines through all trimesters of pregnancy is not supported in medical literature. . In the CDC's own database, the Vaccine Safety Datalink - there were no statistical differences in flu rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated pregnant women or their children.

There is also a significant amount of research that shows that children vaccinated against chicken pox are getting shingles from the virus in the vaccine. Chun C, Weinmann S, et al. Laboratory characteristics of suspected herpes zoster in Pediatr Infect Dis J 2011 Aug. 30 (8): 719 -21. Also , Weinmann S. Chun C. et al. Incidence and varicella vaccine era, 2005-2009, J Infect Dis 2013 Dec 1; 208 (11); 1859-68

And more - MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine  contains human fetal DNA fragments that may be associated with autism and genetic mutations. He says that "this study is one of the first laboratory and ecological studies conducted that has examined the relationship between human fetal cell line manufactured vaccines, cellular DNA damage, and the worldwide autism epidemic". Deisher TA< Doan NV, et al. relationship between vaccine manufacture and autism spectrum disorder prevalence. Issues Law Med 2015 Spring; 30(1): 47-70 And more.... The MMR vaccine may br associated with brain autoimmunity and autism. This study shows elevated levels of antibodies to the measles virus but not to other viruses, in many autistic children. Singh VK, Lin SC, et al. Abnorbmal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism. J Biomed Sci 2002 Jul-Aug; 9(4): 359-64...

And in Canada - "Measles vaccine failures cause outbreaks of the disease " De Serres G, Markowski F, et al. *Largest measles epidemic in North America in a decade - Quebec , Canada, 2011; contribution of susceptibility, serendipity, and superspreading events. J Infect Dis 2013 Mar 15, 207(46): 990-98

*Measles and mumps infections in childhood protect against deadly heart attacks and strokes during adulthood Kubota Y, Iso H, et al. Association of measles and mumps with cardiovascular disease; the Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) study. Atherosclerosis 2015 Jun 18; 241(2): 682-86 Miller states that the results of this study might be explained by the "hygiene hypothesis", which suggests that infections experienced during childhood are necessary for normal development of the immune system regulating T helper cells. Th1 and Th2, which control inflammation at the arterial wall leading to atherosclerosis.

There is a wide body of research that clearly shows that some of our most pressing health problems, some at levels never seen before, may be directly linked to the current slate of vaccinations being forced on an unsuspecting and uninformed public by a 'health care' system that is controlled by the pharmaceuticals industry.  We need a critical debate around this issue as our health care system is in crisis, people are sicker than ever before, natural non-toxic approaches to healing are only minimally supported by health insurance plans, and our basic freedoms are being taken away.  The US has quietly paid out over 4 billion in vaccine damages over the past several years. It's time to demand that all metals and toxins be removed from vaccines and citizens given back the right to determine the health choices they want for their families.

Sustainable housing

Housing built using best-practice sustainable techniques can have positive implications for health, energy use, water use, wildfire resistance, and contributing to suppressing the flood/drought cycles we are now experiencing. For instance, many governments around the world have implemented the existing international straw bale code (straw bale houses survived direct hits in the California wildfires) and greywater re-use. Tax breaks that encourage accepted passive solar siting and design and rainwater collection can radically reduce BC's carbon footprint, and similarly encouraging landscape (whether residential, governmental, or corporate) which harvests and hold rainwater in the soil can decrease spring flooding and increase our resistance to summer drought and wildfires in urban areas. Our current legislation actively suppresses innovation and encourages contractor-built generic homes which pay no attention to energy usage or any other sustainability measures.

Steps to Reduce Plastic Plaguing our Oceans and Waterways

With our oceans and waterways becoming increasingly assaulted with plastic, we need to take urgent steps to reduce this assault. One small measure has been instituted by the British by adopting a plastic free aisle in their grocery stores. A brief video explaining this step can be viewed at http:/ Implementing this community driven effort on our own shores could help move manufacturers away from plastic dominated packaging and help reduce the plastic scourge we inflict on our own oceans and waterways.

Gear Land Use for Affordability, not profiting - Housing is for Living, not investing tool

It is sad seeing young Canadians cannot afford housing without some sort of help from their aging parent‘s retiring money. A lot seen be done to address this, but only to discover this problem come back repeatedly in future. In the world of demand and supply, by nature, it drives for “profit first” which in return lifting house price rather than helping at “Affordability”. For example, a developer A would but a piece of land ($X) to build 100 apartment units would sell them at $X/100 with profit margin. Another developer B would buy the same land and build 1000 units and sell at $X/100, the market price, not the $X/1000. The reason is simple, enterprises, intuitions dives for “profit”, not ‘affordability” by selling them at $X/1000. They would do it at the cost of scarifying space and create unhealthy crowded high-rise environment just to make more money. It hard to comprehend, there are so much land in this world including Canada, yet we are still not able to build houses with dignity and affordability. The world of Capitalism’s demand and supply with competitive market only drives for more profit first by nature, not “Affordability.” In priority. This is probably why Singapore’s housing approach geared toward affordability for living not allowing enterprises dictating profit and drive up price. It seems then, there must be some fundamental rules or bills have to change to drive developers gearing towards more social responsibility on “affordability” rather than “profiting, profiting yet more profiting” to their shareholders.

BC owner-builder residential building requirements

I'm planning on building a straw bale house-- very environmentally sound-- but am told that no contractor will touch it b/c it's not in BC code, so I have to go the owner-builder route. However, with the new exam requirements, what I hear are very difficult, often irrelevant questions, no study guide, no sample test, no results released, and no score released, this seems impossible. In addition, the need for this additional hoop for owner-builders seems ludicrous, as I understand that there are more complaints against contractors than against owner-builders. It looks to me like the construction industry paid off the Liberals to pass this law; can the Greens please consider trying to get it repealed? And consider adopting the IRC straw bale building code into the BCBC? Thanks.

no-fault insurance

Not sure if this went through last time, but I would like the Greens to push hard for the NDP to reconsider not switching to no-fault insurance. My auto insurance almost tripled when I moved here from the States, while coverage went from full to most basic: primarily due to no-fault insurance vs ICBC monopolistic we-love-lawyers coverage.

Economic Forecast of Trillion"s of Dollars into Climate Change

The BC Government would be fools if they didn't get on-board this early in the renewable energy investments estimated to be in the Trillions of dollars according to the New Energy Outlook for 2017 . The initial investment would be costly but the long term returns would be HUGE ! I want to see BC Green Negotiate a Trillion Dollar Investment Deal into BC . I also want to see an over-hall to the Educational system that we HAVE TO HAVE to make it beyond 2100 .

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

“Renewable energy sources are set to represent almost three quarters of the $10.2 trillion the world will invest in new power generating technology until 2040, thanks to rapidly falling costs for solar and wind power, and a growing role for batteries, including electric vehicle batteries, in balancing supply and demand.”

Wanted, a 'clean trillion' dollar investment to limit climate change

Renewables to Grab $7 Trillion of Global Power Investment, Says BNEF

BY THE WAY !!! The world is already , Past Peak Oil Production ! World Reserves of Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas, We now find one barrel of oil for every four we consume.

We need to be Educated on living Environmentally Sustainable on a Global Level NOW , in order to make it past 2100.

1 / Food : Courses in food could be used in schools to also include meals to feed students . Courses in food , Storage , Preserving , Cooking , Organic Farming , Biochar , Organic grass feed ranching , etc.

What Is Biochar, 2,000 year-old practice converts agricultural waste into a soil enhancer that can hold carbon, boost food security, and increase soil biodiversity, and discourage deforestation. The process creates a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water.

We can't keep toxifying our environment with pollutants and chemicals and expect to stay healthy. We need a healthy biodiversity of microorganisms that are needed for plants to get nutrition from , without the use of chemicals . Increasing our understanding how nature works and working within the structure that nature works. The understanding of how our society consumes food as to the amount of land being used has to be sustainable and must include our entire food consumerism chain on a global level in order to keep the ability for the planet to support our consumption of the food we consume . If we were to understand for instance that our consumption of beef to the amount of land it takes to raise those beef to our dinner table to how much land that land could provide if it was instead used as a vegetable , fruit or grain producing area of land , what would better make use of the land per acre to produce X amount of food per person , are questions that now need to be asked on a global level .

2 / Alternative energy: Education should be able to teach and advance, alternative, sustainable , non toxic , energy sources.

3 / Alternative teaching methods that better suits the student, not the force of the will of how children are molded to become .

4 / Environmental , sustainability to support the human population and it's consumerism from local to global , should be available over an open global educational system .

5 / Sustainable and organic farming of textiles like hemp , cotton , silk , bamboo , wool, processing and producing products that will replace fossil fuel based textiles and fibers .

6 / Advanced alternative architecture that works with the environment, for usage of heat , energy , waste and recycling . As well as alternative ways to build solar cell structures for generating solar energy .

Radically Sustainable Buildings.

7 / Education needs to teach people how to live more sustainable , self efficient , how to budget and live within ones means . Teaching people how to take care of them self's by learning to cook and preserving food, to making and repairing their own cloths, growing organically , sustainable ranching . We need to be reeducated on living as more of a conservationist based society over consumerism based society .

8 / We need an Educational system that is not based on economics over the environment but the environment over economics . Without the environment there is no economics ! Climate change is happening whether we acknowledge it's our fault or not , Fossil Fuel energy and other non-sustainable energy and mineral resources will not last forever .

The GFN estimate that the world's population currently consumes the equivalent of 1.6 planets. This figure should rise to two planets by 2030 based on current trends.

Customer satisfaction must for packing companies

Movers and packers agencies are growing with a great number so as their competition is increasing widely. Due to the tough competition prevailing in this industry many agencies are stepping back or some are even striving hard to achieve their goals. Giving good customer support can help the agencies grow faster and make their roots deep in the market.

Packers And Movers in Kullu

Always trying hard to come up with new things, to attract the customer works in a perfect way. Your customers are a big key towards achievement of your goal. Every organization set their desired goals to be achieved apart from handsome amount of money. Making a good position in the market is the toughest task one need to pin it so making your customers satisfied with your promise will help you hike in the growing graph.

1. Keep Customers delightful- In the cluttered marketing era, many of the businesses are not capable of holding their old customers in order to grasp more from new customers are lacking somewhere. So making the customers happy and delightful with your moving services would be the foremost responsibility of packing and moving business. Interacting with customers and timely engagements will benefit the organizations to act on the feedbacks.

2. Offering Good customer service Customers will always stay connected to an organization if in return it is getting the good services. Every customer has a right to get the good services than only he will be attracted towards purchasing the product or services. It is must for a company to have right customer service. Customers with their complaints should be dealt in a good way in order to increase your company’s performance. So for a packers and movers company their basic responsibility is their 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Packers And Movers in Ludhiana

3. Advantage of Social Media Social media is a building tool and is being used in every corner or in all aspects of live. With an advent of social sites like Facebook, twitter and many others, one can stay connected with clients and can post the new updates to make the prevailing customers know about the new advancements and new inventions.

4. Take responsibility Your brand is only as good as the reputation behind it. When problems arise, admit to your mistakes and apologize if necessary to your customers. Honesty demonstrates authenticity so always try to give your best to your customers. It also lets customers see that you’re willing to correct faulty processes and prevent future mistakes.

5. Complaint is always a gift Whenever any customers files a complaint it turns out to be a gift for an organization as it gets a chance to improve for the future. So giving good platform to the customers and always ask for suggestions and feedback can make you have good links with the prevailing customers.

6. Build credibility Credibility is very important between the company and its clients. Building good trust will not only help the company to have good relations rather will help to maintain long term relations. The moment customers discover that you’re not trustworthy; they will switch to your competitors. Nothing scares customers away like bad experience. Worse, they’ll spread the negative news with others.

BC Labor Laws for the Working Poor

Many 1000's of working poor probably don't know their rights as workers, as well as depending on a full time, min wage job, to pay rent, they might know their rights but won't say anything because of the fear of losing their job.

Many companies and including chain corporations that employ 1000's of employees take advantage of their employees lack of understanding their rights as employees and work them for over 7 hours with out a break or a small 15 min break.

I have asked people about when you get a break, and many think you have to work a full 8 hour day to get a 30 min unpaid break. These people work in companies that employ 1000's of working poor and they all accept this as a truth.

Meal breaks

An employee must not work more than five ( 5 ) hours in a row without a 30-minute meal break


  •  If you work 7 days a week you get pain time and a half for the day that had the shortest hours, ( 7hr+7hr+7hr+7hr+7hr+7hr+6hr ) 6hour day is time and a half .
  •  If you work over 8 hours, every hour over 8 hours is time and a half.
  •  If you work over 12 hours, it's double time . Example is a 13 hour day = 8 hours regular pay, 4 hours time and a half, and double time for the 1 hour.  

Hours of Work and Overtime Fact sheet

Uniforms and Special Clothing, Employers are supposed to cover the cost of keeping your uniform clean, but often expect the employee to cover it.

  •  If an employer requires an employee to wear a uniform or special clothing, the employer must provide, clean and maintain it at no cost to the employee.
  •  Special clothing is any garment that creates an image specific to the employer and identifies employees to customers. Special clothing includes a requirement to wear the garments that the business is currently selling. A dress code (no jeans, no cut-offs, dark clothing, business casual) is not a uniform.
  •  Employers and employees may make an agreement for the employer to reimburse employees for cleaning and maintaining special clothing.
  •  Personal safety equipment required by Work Safe BC regulations is not considered special clothing, unless the equipment also associates the wearer with the image or identity of the employer.

The working poor should be better supported with employment laws, and educations for the rights of employees as well as holding up employers that don't follow these laws for employees. There should be over sight to protect employees built into the way an employer pays an employee.

  • If an Employer requires an employee to where a uniform then the allowance for keeping his or hers uniform clean should show within the pay statement like taxes and other deductions.
  • The daily hours should show in the pay statement including  the break taken with the sign off sign on 30 min break,  if the shift was over 5 hours.
  • In the daily hours the over time should be added in the pay statement if over time was worked .

This should be made mandatory that the employer submits extra details per pay day within the pay statement. This in effect would be an over site requirement to better support the working poor making sure that the working poor are not being taken advantage of and keeping Corporations and Companies on the straight and narrow with their workers.

That being said the Working Poor should have better more supportive Labor Laws that enhance the well being of any hourly working person.

  •  A laborer should get a 30 min break every 4 hours as this is the middle of most 7-8 hour shift and a perfect time to recharge. ( As a laborer, I start to burn out quickly after 4 hours constant work ) 
  •  A laborer should get a quick break every 2 hours. The 30 min break after 4 hours would not be a paid break , but the quick break 10-15 mins would be paid .

This type of breaking time would help a person get through a 12 - 16 hour shift more effectively, ( in a 12 hour shift there would be 2, 30 min breaks, and 3, 10-15 min break. )

The bonus to the employers is a more productive work force because they are regenerated more frequently, and therefore would be more productive .

  •  The 10-15 min quick breaks would not be mandatory. But if given the quick break time 10-15 min  should be made tax deductible for the business.
  •  If breaks are to be given these breaks should be reported in the pay stubs. ( 8 hour day, quick break at 2 hours, 30 min break at 4 hours, 2 hours another break, ).

Currently the pay stub does not show the daily detail but hours worked in a 2 week pay period, over time, deductions etc.

Other tax break incentives for employers to offer their employees could be,

  • Medical, dental, eye and hearing care, physiotherapy, and any health related care.
  • Education and Training.
  • Work Clothing.
  • Extra activities beyond work that could include a massive range of things from fitness centers, to out door activities, vacations and trips.

A labor law and tax break reward system could be implemented to enhance the well being of any hourly working person, with the reward to the business 10 fold as they have a more productive staff, and get tax breaks for money spent for the well being of their employees. The tax breaks given for businesses for the well being of employees could have 2 other effects ,

1. By offering the tax breaks to employers for the well being of employees it could encourage businesses to flock to BC to get those tax breaks while increasing the well being of the workforce.

2. It would be a model for the rest of the Provinces to follow to keep businesses in their Provinces, showing that BC is more then open for business it's leading the way for Businesses , employees and Government to work as a team to build the province.    

The current labor laws are in need a massive overhaul that would benefit employers and employees .

Wage Theft and Workplace Abuse: Report Shows Need for Employment Standards Overhaul

Article in The Tyee on new BC Employment Standards Coalition Summary Report

BC Employment Standards Act Needs to Change Summary report [PDF]

Direct Party Representation (Proportional)

The number of votes a party receives is the number of votes they have in the legislature. How the candidates are chosen is less important, so geographical representatives may still be elected, but their individual legislative weight will be according to the actual electoral votes (or their party/ceilinged at their share of their party vote) they receive. In a system like this, even if the current (arguably gerrymandered) constituencies are retained, the Green Party with only 3 MLA's would accordingly wield ~14.65 seats worth of authority on legislative votes in the Assembly irregardless. And a lot of the criticisms that pro-FPTP-er's have of most proportional electoral reform is avoided -- geographical representation (can) be retained, legislature size can be as large or small as is efficient, and Independent candidates may still be elected to the Assembly (unlike in many proportional systems), you can even retain most of the local plurality/FPTP system (or pair it with proportional/mixed systems for MLA election). This also has the "added benefit" (depending on your perspective, of course) of limiting the inclusion of "radical" third parties into the legislature, if they are incapable of achieving a plurality in any constituency, which would be one of the few instances in which votes could still be "wasted" (if there is no candidate elected to the Assembly to represent that party's proportion, presumably invalidating those votes). Of course, this may be explicitly prevented by a provision ensuring the election of at least one or more candidate if a modest at-wide popular vote threshold of 5% or so is reached (a standard, efficient quota from my understanding). As the final voting weight is to be party proportional, the weight that individual MLA's have on legislative votes should be according to their seat's share of the proportion of electoral votes their caucus represents at-wide. E.g. Sassafrass Party received 30% of the popular vote, and has 5 seats in the 87 BC Assembly. They all stand as one happy caucus for their terms. So each of those 5 MLA's has a vote weight representative of 6% of the popular vote. Further specificity from their is not currently relevant (so I haven't bothered thinking about it much), but presumably it's best to just keep it as an equivalent share of the caucus popular vote for simplicities sake. Thanks if you read this whole way, just spitballin' over electoral reform that (hopefully) achieves some balance with the concerns of critics and the possibilities for a more direct 21st century democracy. It'd be very interesting to see something like this in BC's eventual future, I think.

Allow Filtering for Motorcycles

With the increase of accidents caused by distracted driving, motorcycles being rear ended is a major concern. It has been proven that filtering saves motorcyclist lives. Please look into introducing legislation to allow filtering for motorcycles.

Cannabis Legislation

As a person who works at a Medical Cannabis Dispensary I hope the party will take the time to discover Patients want to deal with us and NOT LP's or Corporations such as Drug Stores/Liquor Stores. There is a Muti-Billion $ Industry just waiting for the opportunity to be Legitimized and acting as if we are the bad guys and only Corporations can be involved is So Anti-Green it hurts. Ask the Industry what we want not outsiders and Profiteers.

Social Media Observation

I was noticing within Twitter and Facebook,

BC Green party has 10.7 K followers

BC Liberals has 14.8 K followers

BC NDP has 19.9 K followers

Green Party BC Facebook has 11,914 likes

BC Liberals have 21,229 likes

BC NDP have 28,218 likes

If an Election was based on Social Media NDP would be the next Government in BC.

Social Media is a powerful communications tool just look at how it helped Trump get into power.

BC Green Party needs to step up their game within Social Media, to get the word out and spread to more people. More Twitter and Facebook communications and links connecting Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Live stream, and every other avenue of Social Media Communication linked together that informs people about the BC Green Party .

BC Trophy hunt

I think that the majority of the public would support a complete ban on trophy hunting of bears as stated in the Green Book back in 2001. I understand the reasons for Andrew's proposal to the house a few years back. It included an exception for meat hunting, but, had he consulted with those who have been fighting this issue for years, he might have understood the backlash and the predictable "we eat the meat" rhetoric from the guide outfitters when they had previously shunned the practice. The bottom line it seems is that without trophy hunting, guide outfitters would be out of a job. Foreign hunters are not going to pay the big bucks for meat with no trophy. Many animal rights organizations and advocates are really upset about the weak policy and are twisting it all out of proportion. The Greens need to keep them happy and onside by being very strong and uncompromising on this issue; currently the backlash from them is getting very nasty. Also, if we could somehow address the GOABC revenue losses, even though they are probably few, with some sort of incentives and education. I moved from north Vancouver and have now lived in the rural Kootenays for over 15 years. My distain for hunting, likely fueled by the sport hunt, has been modified somewhat. There are many sustinance hunters here who share the opinion that hunting for sport is not ethical and are not happy that they get painted with the same brush. We might be able to get them more active on this issue by letting them know that the practice of trophy hunting is likely giving all hunting a bad reputation. To be fair, we should question the TROPHY hunting of all species, because really, how is one species 'better' than the other? How would we monitor this? Would we make it illegal to possess body parts such as skulls, etc, and/or require possession thereof for educational purposes etc. to be licenced with full disclosure as to where and how the owner aquired them?

Raising Taxes and Cost in BC and Canada

The fact is at some point or some where we are going to pay more taxes and higher cost's for something like,

What British Columbians will pay more for in 2017

People don’t like hearing about raising taxes to pay for things like better education, better health care or infrastructure, but that’s why we pay taxes . We pay taxes for things we need or needs to be fixed, upgraded, built or for extra services that people need that may not be profitable but are needed for the support of the population . I would much rather have a government spend our tax dollars on the general population then,

Canadians pay hefty $684B bill in business subsidies over 30 years, study shows

Canada's $6.4 billion corporate welfare budget

[PDF]Government subsidies in Canada: A $684 billion ... - Fraser Institute

The Government is supposed to be there for the people, the general population, not for profits of a few Corporations and the very rich .

John Robson: Corporate welfare is all about trading favor's and buying influence

BC’s Massive Tax Giveaway to the Rich

I would much rather have my taxes spent on the general population needs then the needs of the Corporations. I think the Green Party understands the mismanagement of where our taxes are going and who is benefiting. I am not benefiting the way I need yet the Corporations are doing quite well in BC and Canada’s Corporate Welfare System.

Don’t think for a moment that taxes won’t be raised or prices of things wont go up no matter who gets voted into power. The question is do you want someone that is voted in power for the general population benefit or the Corporations benefit.

I hear about cuts to programs and support services because we don’t have enough money but yet Corporations Welfare System is doing just fine, but we don’t hear about that. We hear the Government doesn’t have enough money for programs for services and therefore they have to cut those non-profitable services from our system.

Non-Profitable services is something that is needed for the general population if raising taxes gives us those non-profitable services then raise the taxes OR CUT THE CORPORATE WELFARE SYSTEM !!! And put OUR TAX DOLLARS BACK INTO the HANDS of the GENERAL POPULATION'S NEED'S FIRST before the needs of the CORPORATE WELFARE need's !!!

Examples of Non-Profitable NEEDS are things like Education, Infrastructure, Health Care, and a ton of services for helping the general population in need of a range of services that are not profitable but are needed .

Treat Chronic Lyme Disease

1. Address the recommendations in the Schmidt Report which was commissioned by the BC Liberals to look into the state of Lyme disease in BC, but was covered up because the findings were so damning of the government. 2. Overhaul the Complex Chronic Disease Program in Vancouver from the top down. This clinic doesn't do what it was set up to do - treat chronic Lyme disease. 3. Allow people to have free access to see Naturopathic Doctors as an option. Right now, people with Lyme disease can only get treatment from ND's in BC or Lyme specialists in the US, and both of these options are too expensive for many people so they can't afford any treatment.

New Education, for the Development of Alternative, Environmentally, Sustainable, Energy Sources.

Solar and Wind we hear about a lot as alternative energy sources. But not so often do we hear about Water Electrolysis, for an alternative fuel source, in cars we use every day. 

Water Powered Car – It Doesn’t Matter If It’s From Your Tap, Bottled or Lake

A Japanese company called Genepax unveiled their water powered car in 2008 in Osaka, Japan. It doesn’t matter if it’s tap, bottled, or lake water, any type of water can make this car run.

An energy generator splits the water molecules to produce hydrogen and this is used to power the car. They use a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) to split the Hydrogen from the Oxygen through a chemical reaction. The cell needs only water and air, eliminating the need for a hydrogen reformer and high pressure hydrogen tank.

Water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas atoms in a capacities cell by a polarization and resonance process dependent upon the dielectric properties of water and water molecules. The gas atoms are thereafter ionized or otherwise energized and thermally combusted to release a degree of energy greater than that of combustion of the gas in ambient air.


We need to put our development of Alternative, Environmentally, Sustainable, Energy Sources, Like Wind, Solar, and Water Electrolysis, into high gear so we can claim our independence away from fossil fuels as other countries are doing.

MSP Flat Tax not eligible as medical expense on income tax return.

Not only is MSP a flat tax which is in favour of the wealthy, but it is not eligible as a medical expense on our Tax Return because it is paid to the government and not to a private provider. Disposing with the monthly premium and implementing a medical services premium based on income solves both these inequalities.

Support Biotechnology in BC's Agricultural and Silvicultural Industries

One of the Green platform planks is increasing BC agriculture's resilience in the face of climate change and ability to provide for BC's own consumption, including a target of 30% increase in productivity over 2001 levels. With BC already being a leader in technological industries and biological research, we are well-positioned to make use of biotechnology to help improve BC's agricultural resilience, yields, and diversity. For example, a UBC team working with professor Joerg Bohlmann has conducted research into using genetic engineering to combat BC's devastating Mountain Pine Beetle; and a local small business called Okanagan Specialty Fruits has developed a non-browning apple intended to reduce food waste. Elsewhere in the world, crops are being developed to resist the effects of climate change, by developing traits such as drought tolerance (for example, at the University of California San Diego) or resistance to insect pests whose range increases to grow with rising temperatures. Certain kinds of biotechnology-assisted pest control can also reduce the need for soil tillage, which promotes erosion and water runoff and impedes the growth of helpful organisms like earthworms and mycorrhizal fungi. The Greens should support the research, development, and deployment of agricultural biotechnology to improve BC's ability to provide stable supplies of natural resources to its growing population in the face of a changing climate.

Boost Vaccination Rates

As reported by the Frasher Health Institute in the CBC in August 2015 and by a UBC study in November 2016, among many other sources, vaccination rates in BC are below the threshold for effective herd immunity against infectious diseases. While Richmond has overall 90% vaccination rates, places such as West Vancouver have much lower rates around 60%. These low vaccination rates needlessly endanger children, and the Greens should commit to boosting vaccination rates among children. Kaiser Health News recently reported on an effective intervention in Michigan whereby parents were required to obtain vaccination waivers by consulting in-person with local public health departments. This proven strategy seems easy to implement and could be on way to help boost immunity rates. I also suggest the Greens commit to expanding the range of HPV vaccines provided for free to all children, boys and girls, to include HPV4, HPV9, and where applicable HPV2. This could help lower the incidence of cervical and anal cancers in BC.

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